Thursday, December 1, 2011

Week #3. Post 8/15

The new floors (the same as before) were integrated Monday and Tuesday. This was the morning following our Marathon and this guy had run the full marathon as well and while I was hobbling around in severe mental and physical pain, he was popping up and down off and on his knees laying hard wood floor. You betcha, I wasn't complaining about my calves anywhere in earshot of this amazing guy!!! ;)
The good news was that we found cabinet jewelry (a.k.a hardware) on Day 11 (Tuesday) and thought we had picked out the perfect back splash the very same day... WOW, a lot accomplished. Most of the stuff like that, Sandra brought samples to my house and dropped them off for Blake and I to look at for several days before we had to make a decision. I love how Sandra NEVER once pushed us for a decision but you kinda start to understand at some points how your lack of decisions can slow down the entire process.

Sandra called Wednesday morning and told me Hank was supposed to bring over the cabinet bases that morning but with the recent rain and high humidity over the weekend, he wasn't 100% certain the paint had dried and cured by Tuesday night, so Sandra assured me that waiting until first thing Thursday morning, would NOT HOLD ONE THING up.

Then in the same call, I was told the back splash we had decided on the day prior, only had very limited supply and therefore it was a no-go. So back to ground one on deciding on our last big decision.

I trusted Sandra and forgot about it until Thursday afternoon after SEVENTEEN FULL DAYS of being moved out of our house, I walked in the door at 5PM and found this....
I was squealing like a little girl and so excited. Cindy, my good friend, was there to witness the joy, along with Hank, my 2 counter fabricators, Blake and Sandra. They were all waiting for my arrival to see my reaction to our kitchen taking form after just over 2 full weeks since tearing it out. 
 The view from walking in the front door!
The following day, Friday, was just as good, when I walked in to find the magnificent island...
Hank, had said, in his entire career of being a cabinet maker, this was the coolest island he had ever made. I asked him, "Why is that?" He replied, "It's huge and has SO MUCH in it and storage, wow!" Let's just say we ended this Friday of week 3 on a high!

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