Monday, December 19, 2011

Dear Carter,

It's 9:41 PM on December 18, 2011 and pretty much five years ago to the minute, we welcomed you into this world, after nearly 15 hours of active labor. Knowing you as I do now, I don't think you were just being stubborn on that special day, rather you just wanted to enter on your own time. It really does fit your personality.

As I sit here and think about you right now, it is a flood of mixed emotions that I don't even know if I can articulate well. Before now, based on what I thought I knew about the age of FIVE, half of me says NO WAY, you aren't what I pictured a five year old would be. You aren't old enough or big enough to be starting elementary school in eight months and you are still so sweet and kind and loving and timid at times. I don't know what I had in my mind that a five year old would be like, but I will take you a million times over what I had in my mind.

I love how you want to be with me, your dad and Addie every second of every day if you could. Your healthy independence is definitely there, but if we are in the same place, you want to hang around us and for that I am beyond grateful. (Of course that does exclude the times your cousin Sean or Marshall are within a 500 foot radius!) ;)

I'm pretty sure I say this each and every year but your are absolutely amazing and make me proud to be your mommy every single day, no joke.

This past week at our regular conference with your teachers, they told us one of your biggest strengths is being a natural leader. You probably don't even understand what a positive power you have but Erika gave us multiple examples of how you are positively influencing your friends in your class every single day. They say that they can count on you to listen and follow instructions and as soon as you start doing something, they notice those around you start to do the same thing, taking your lead. Carter, this is a wonderful characteristic to have as an adult, to be a silent leader sometimes, and I hope you always nurture this trait.

This is a big year for you. Today, you embarked on your 6th year of life. You will learn to tie your shoes, start elementary school and perhaps play your first full round of 9 holes in a game of golf with your dad. Whatever may come in between these highlights, I pray I continue to take a moment every day to stare into your HUGE dark chocolate pudding eyes tell you that I LOVE YOU.

I love you to Pluto planet and back,


Turning around in the car and taking time to remember my little FOUR year old on the eve of turning FIVE....
On your actual birthday, the three of us cooked  a special birthday breakfast for you, as we do every year.
We all played your new Golden Tee Golf Game as a family and you and daddy had a special outing to Monster Golf, where you had SO MUCH FUN!!! YaYa, Grandpa, Uncle August and The Perkins came over to sing Happy Birthday and enjoy some ice cream cake.
Your new Transformer sleeping bag from YaYa and Grandpa!

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