Friday, June 27, 2008

Pictures of Carter at daycare!

Miss Connie, one of Carter's wonderful teachers sent me some fantastic pictures she took of Carter at Concordia.

We are so lucky and blessed to have found such a wonderful daycare for Carter! Thank you to all the wonderful teachers that take care of Mr. Carter Brown! Mrs. Linda, Miss Elizabeth and Miss Connie, among many others! We are sad that Carter will be moving up to a new class next week, you all are amazing women!
Look like he is having a blast!

Reading! Yea!!
This was the picture they gave Blake framed for Father's Day! It is was in sepia color and he looks like Huc Fin! So adorable!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New stollers, Biggest Blow Out Ever and weight gain!

We love our awesome new double stroller that Grandpa Bill and Nancy gave us. I was so nervous that Carter wasn't going to like sitting belted in since we have hardly used a stroller since he could walk. But he surprised me and has loved getting in it and going on walks! The great thing about it is that it is narrow enough to go through all doorways!

OK, so I have been visiting complete strangers blogs and have been cracking up over some of the funny stories they write about. As Blake, Carter, Addie and I were out shopping this weekend at Home Goods and TJMAX, I had one of those experiences where as soon as it happened, I was thinking that this is one of those "blog stories" that I die laughing at... but it was really happening to me.

So, I am for the first time in months looking at some cute clothes on a rack and Addison is 10 feet away inside her car seat which is sitting on the shopping cart. Blake and Carter had been shopping somewhere else in the store. Blake walks up to me and says "What is dripping under Addie's seat onto the floor?" I said, "I don't know... it must be coming from the roof, move her." Well, the dripping followed the cart and Blake and I discovered that our sweet, innocent, beautiful child was dripping from her diaper through the car seat she was sitting in (which is VERY patted with thick fabric!) Yes... I can say after having 2 children in the last 18 months, the worst blow out I have ever experienced. I think we handled it like pros, without talking we went into motion naturally as I quickly gave Blake and Carter my purchases and Addie and I headed for the door! No wonder she had been wide awake and not asleep as she should have been!

For anyone that knows Carter, he was a rapid weight gainer as a infant from day 1, like Addison, he never lost any weight at the hospital as majority of newborns do. Well, while at Carter's 18 month old check up, I asked to weigh Addison and as I guessed, she was 11.1 pounds, at exactly 4 weeks. WOW! Well, later, when I got home, I opened up Carter's baby book to compare her 4 week weight with his. Keep in mind she weighed almost a 1/2 pound less than him at birth. I was SHOCKED to find at the EXACT same 4 weeks of age, Addison weighs 1 pound and 1 oz MORE than her BIG brother! Carter better watch out!

Carter's 18 month appointment!

Balls are still Carter's true passion as a trip to TJMAX this weekend brought 2 more balls home to our house. (Just what we needed... that brings our total balls in house to around 96.) We got Carter this floating basketball hoop to take to the pool, it has now even made its way into the bathtub! We seriously can't go anywhere or do anything (even a bath) without a ball and hoop involved!

Aunt Julie, Uncle Sean and Cousins Macy and Marshall brought over a TON of toys for Carter. His favorites for sure are the "Weebles!" I am ready to turn our "Pool Room" upstairs into Carter and Addison's "Game Room!" Before Carter (B.C.) I used to say that I wouldn't let our living room turn into a toy box... but that is harder done than said!

So, in the last 2 weeks Carter has become OBSESSED with ELMO. He wakes up saying "ELLLLLL-MO" and wants to be watching him at all times. It is sorta a good thing in this 100 degree hot weather. Instead of going outside to play at 5PM when it is the hottest, we can get him to watch Elmo for a minute and cool off! My good girl friend Cara intoduced me to the library, where I now get 5 new Elmo videos for Carter every week. I don't know how people buy DVD's, Blake and I get seriously sick of them after just a couple of days of watching them over and over!

Wow... can you believe Carter is 18 months old.... I can't. It seemed like yesterday that he was Addie's size. Carter was given a clean bill of health from Dr. Cuming. Just a small case of eczema or very dry skin that causes the rash on his face he sometimes gets after being out in the hot sun! We are just putting lots of lotion on him (which he hates!) He even got a Polio shot and didn't even flench... Motrin an hour before does wonders!! :)

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day and More Pictures!

Father's Day 2008. We had my dad over and we cooked the best sausage and baby back ribs in the world! We cooked the ribs for 4 hours!! YUM! What a better Father's Day than having the 3 most important guys in your life on the couch with their eyes glued to the TV watching Tiger Woods force a playoff... talk about excitement in the house!
Here is Danielle and Nancy with Addie!
Erin entertained Carter outside in the 100 degree heat! He loved eating ice out of her cup!
Last weekend, Grandpa Bill and Danielle had dropped off a Spurs jersey for Carter!
Aunt Erin came over last week to bring me the entire 6 seasons of Sex in the City to enjoy while I am at home!
This is where we are usually from 8PM-11 PM every night, while Addie has her colicky time everyday. She loves being wrapped up and outside... the hotter the better. The colic has gotten a little better since I stopped eating Sprite and milk and started drinking Camomele tea (sp?)
Addie and her wonderful dad!
For Father's Day, the 3 of us surprised Blake and bought him a new self propelled lawn mower for our enormous yard. He was so excited, he mowed the lawn when it didn't even need it in the middle of the day. He said it was the "smartest" machine he had seen. Apparently it does some pretty neat things.

Another photo shoot for Addison!

I am trying to take advantage of the time I have that she is asleep to take pictures of her. This is in her nursery on her bookshelf. Addie is well over 10 pounds and last week not only did we have to move from a Newborn diapers to size 1, I also had to pack up her first couple of newborn outfits because they were getting way too short for her. So sad and not even a month old yet!!!!!

A big yawn!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Addison's Photo Shoot

Megan Perkins and I decided to get creative and do our own photo shoot of our two beautiful girls - Addie and Ella! Here are some of pictues...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Big Weekend at the Lake!

The weekend started out with Carter's first ride with Grandpa Joe on the John Deere. Look closely and you will see Carter was not too happy and for the rest of the day was terrified of the lawn mower while the guys were mowing. I am sure next time we are up there, he will be begging to ride it.
He did enjoy being pulled by dad all around the huge yards in this "ATW Off Road wagon" through all the sprinklers in the yard. His mouth was wide open with his tongue hanging out while Blake made 20 huge loops around the yard.
This was a picture of Addison on her first boat ride at Lake LBJ. Don't ask her anything about it since she slept the entire 45 minutes!
Now Carter on the other hand, was wide awake and looking at everything he could. Carter also rode one of the new Jet Skis this weekend. Stay tuned for more pictures once I get them off of YaYa's camera. He was on them with Blake for 30-45 minutes and started getting real comfortable with it trying to put it in reverse, take the key out while going and putting his hands on the handles. I have a feeling by the 4th of July, he is going to be saying "More See-Doo" all weekend!
This was the first picture of the 4 of us after the boat ride. It was super windy this weekend but it was so wonderful to be up there!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Addison has already gainned 1 pound and 2 oz in just 2 weeks!

The doctor is amazed and said she is one of the healthiest kids he has seen! Dr. Cuming said she is very well proportioned and is in the 75% percentile for weight at 8lb 13 oz and 90% percentile for height at 21 inches and her head is measuring at the 89%percentile! She is doing wonderfully! After our 2 week appointment yesterday, we picked up Mema (Addison and Carter's great grandma) and she came over and hung out with the kiddos and had dinner with us!
I unwrapped her from one of her afternoon naps trying to wake her up... but it didn't work. One of my work colleagues sent her this "High Maintenance" onsie... we knock on wood everyday because so far she has been a breeze! But we all know things can change!
Our doctor, yesterday, told us to write down every personality trait she has at 2 months of age and seal in in an envelope and hand it to her husband unopened on her wedding day and that 90% of the time, the same traits she had at 2 months will be what she is like as an adult! We are going to try it out!
More kisses from Carter. That is all he really does with her. He doesn't try to touch her or anything, just a quick kiss and back to playing basketball!
My wonderful husband who has turned a game into playing with Carter everyday! The goal of the game is to wear Carter out before he wears us out! So far, Blake has won most days!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend as a Family of 4!

At the end of last summer I bought this blow up pool for like 10 dollars! We pulled it out this weekend and had a blast. Addison loves the warm air and layed out under the porch and fan and watched us!

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