Thursday, December 15, 2011

Carter's Top 10 at FIVE years old! (#10-7)

As a refresher, take a peek at the past Top 10 lists over last three years to see Carter evolve. This list doesn't encompass Carter over the last year, rather, right now as a snap shot in time. Just a little tradition  I have liked to do each year and a fun way to in essence hit "pause" in time.

#10. Everyone has little mannersims that are their own. Carter is starting to have his own that are we are regularly noticing. One of the biggest ones is how he LOVES to lace his hands together behind his head. We started spotting it while he was laying down watching TV but one night this week, he did it after he was all done with his dinner.
#9. Personalty at this age: He loves earning money and being a true helper. At recent trips to the lake this fall, he begged Grandpa to take him to the "man-cave" they are building so he could sweep up dirt and earn money. At one point when I checked in on them, Carter was the hardest working guy there of the five grown men.
Tonight, it was all about helping daddy with some chairs...
#8. He is definitely more into computer like games. About a month ago, he was obsessed with a Buzz Light Year game that his cousin Marshall passed down to him. It had became the most annoying sound Blake and I ever heard and somehow the batteries disappeared one day. The old saying of, "Out of sight, out of mind," holds true because it has now been replaced my his Leapster Explorer. This is how I found him tonight before dinner...

#7. Superheros, in general, are still cool to this five year old. Remember it started out with Spider man man a couple of years ago and then progressed to Batman, Green Lantern and brief mention of Captain America but now there is one confident answer when you ask the FIVE year old Carter Brown, "Who is your favorite Superhero?" SUPERMAN! "Why Carter?" He is the strongest of all superheros. Superman is the best because he can hold up the entire world!!! That's what my friend Kai told me at school."

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