Thursday, December 8, 2011

Breakfast With Santa

Such a treat to get to eat breakfast with the big red guy and Miss Audrey for her SECOND birthday. I remember when she was just a twinkle in her mama's eye... time sure flies.
 We talked the night before about what she wanted for Christmas, at first, she kept saying nothing or she didn't really know. But then out of the blue, she confidently came up with a Strawberry Shortcake house. This request brought a smile to my face because I was a huge fan of Strawberry Shortcake around her age and remember curling up in my SS pink sleeping bag I had for years!
Carter had only two requests... 1.) a flying helicopter 2.) a new bicycle
Santa asked what color bike and he said, "Black." Thank goodness Santa asked for a backup color request which Carter happily responded with, "Red." 

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