Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cereal and More Common Scenes From the Brown Home...

This weekend... Addison tried cereal for the first time. Carter actually had the honors of feeding her her first spoonful. She opened right up for it and didn't make any gagging face at all. She just couldn't figure out how to swallow it... it was like she was trying to suck it down but then she would smile and it would all come streaming out. I think she is ready for it... however, she just has to figure it out... we will try again in a few days!You almost miss the cereal streaming from her mouth when you see her beautiful blue eyes!
The babies hanging out and doing what babies do...
(Carter even wanted in on the fun!)Addie (4 mo) and Carson (5 mo)... just imagine what it is going to be like next summer with both of them walking along with Carter.... watch out MeMe and Pa-Pa! This is a typical sight for anyone driving down our street morning or night. Carter running next door to play with the basketball goal and collect any and every ball he can find! (At one time!)

Another common scene in our home... look at that form.... great follow through! ;)Addie gets a "smooch" from her brother and cousin!
Heather, Carson and Nash! (Thank you Chris!)

Believe it or not, this is the same costume that Carter wore 1 year ago on Halloween. I didn't realize until I was packing up the costume a month later that they had sent me (or I had mis-ordered) a size 18-24 months when Carter was only 10 months old last Halloween! I wondered why it was so big at the time....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cousin Carson is in town!!!! Yea!

We are so excited to have Carson (and of course his parents Heather and Chris) in town. Carson is 5 months old and such a sweet big boy. Here are some sweet pics of him and Addison interacting together last night when we just layed them next to each other. I was truly surprised how much they did interact and looked and played together! We kept saying to each other last night how great it is going to be having them the exact same age! They will be friends for life!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Addie is 4 months old!

We celebrated with a visit to our favorite Dr. Cuming! I won the bet Blake, I and the rest of the office staff made on what Miss Addison would weigh with just a diaper on. Blake guessed around 16.5 lbs and I said 16.10 lbs... well she surpassed even me weighing in at....

Yes, the scale says 16 pounds and 13 oz, an increase of exactly 9 pounds in just 4 months! (This is the 97th percentile)
She was 25.5 inches long. (90%)
Her head circumference was 43 (cm...I am guessing) (93%)
Now, let's take a second and compare this to her older and (at least for now) bigger brother Carter at exactly 4 months of age.
Carter Addison
weight 15lbs 4oz (50%) 16lbs 13oz (97%)
height 26.5 inches(95%) 25.5 inches(90%)
head circ 43.5 (95%) 43(93%)

Overall, doc said she was super healthy and to keep doing what we are doing!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Addison's Dedication Day at Church.

Addison was dedicated at church this morning. This was a commitment service to promise to raise our daughter in the ways of the Lord. This is Addison's new cross pearl necklace that Ya-Ya and Grandpa Joe gave her for her dedication. It was a very appropriate gift as part of the sermon today, Pastor Robert talked about the meaning of the cross and how every time you see one or put one on, you should stop and say a little prayer.

These are 2 pictures of her on the big screen at church.... she was "Praising the Lord" with her hand up while Pastor Emmitt was praying that she becomes a woman of Christ and one day finds a good Holy husband!

She was in the best mood and slept on daddy's shoulder afterwards the entire church service.

It was even a more special day because we shared the experience with The Boerckel's and Perkins has they dedicated Drew and Ella in the same ceremony. It will be wonderful having all 3 kids grow up together in such a good church.

Pops - My dad and all his girls!

Carter REALLY LOVED the pancakes from Magnolia, which I think are divine as well!
My precious babies!
What a perfect day it was with so much family around and a relaxing brunch afterwards at our favorite breakfast spot! Addison was really "eyeing" MeMe's omelet.
MeMe came in all the way from Lindale for the weekend and the special service. She wrote Addison this special poem in the card she gave her...

"May God, who loves us all
Smile down upon Addison,
this child of yours.
May He guide her through
the years ahead.
May His blessings light
the pathways,
Where her tiny feet are led."

-With much love
MeMe 9/21/08

Grandpa Joe's Gift of Real Golf Clubs...

Grandpa got a set of golf clubs for the grand kids for when they come to their house to visit. We went over on Saturday evening and as one would guess... Carter's eyes and entire face lit up when he saw the bag of clubs and he literally did not let a club out of his hand for the next 2 1/2 hours. (Who knew they made real ones like this so small!?!??!) He took 2 trips to the putting green in the golf cart to break the clubs in and continued the whole night inside the house! We will try to post video of it next time!
This is Blake teaching him hold to hold the club with 2 hands.

Heading to the Driving Range to practice.

More practice inside with the driver.

The girls- Mema, Ya-Ya, Addie, me and Erin

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Picture Day at School!

School pictures were bright and early this morning for Carter and Addison. I figured the chances of their actual pictures together turning out well (with both children clean, smiling and in good moods) is slim to none. So Blake snapped a pic before we headed out this morning. (Good thing - because when I picked them up just now, they were both in different outfits! Hopefully the cute outfits lasted until after picture time!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Enjoying the little things in life like the wonderful weather!

A Special Visit From Aunt Danielle!

We had a surprise and fun visit this evening from Aunt Danielle. She got her drivers license yesterday, so she drove over to hang out with us tonight! We are so glad she did! Wow... I can't believe my baby sister is 16 years old and driving... I literally remember the day she came home from the hospital. She is just beautiful! It makes it kinda scary knowing I have now have 2 so young that are going to be driving before I know it!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Carter's Favorite Book of All Time...

GOOD NIGHT MOON... we must read it 10 plus times every single day - morning, noon and night! Here, Carter is reading it to Addison this past weekend.

We have tons of books in every single room of the house to encourage him to read... so far so good. Maybe that is why it seems that I am adding 1-2 new words a day to the list that Carter says by himself. The last month, his vocabulary has exploded!

Before and After...

It is amazing what just 4 short months can bring in the way of change.... we got to see The Perkins last night and it reminded me how far we have come in just 4 months... time is flying way too fast...

Around 38 and 40 weeks pregnant (I think)

Addie - 3 days old and Ella - 9 days

Ella - 4 months and 5 days short of 4 months for Addie!

We also got to have Drew over to swim... he and Addie enjoyed hanging out in the "Baby Pool!"

Drew and Addie

Addie working on her tan!
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