Friday, September 30, 2011

Just Like Daddy

Carter - 3 months shy of five years old! Blake - 33 years old

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Last Swim Of The Year?!

Is it possible that the 57+ days of ABOVE 100 degree heat are coming to a close? 
We better enjoy our last few dinners out by the pool.
Till next year, Mr. Pool. We know we will be anxiously awaiting your March arrival again.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New Friends

I was honored to be able to go on Carter's first ever field trip and I can't tell you what an amazing and eye opening experience it was for me. I am beyond gratful for the opportunity to see what joy children are, all over this big city, and not just in my little bubble. There were a couple of times that I got nearly choked up with emotion watching these thirty four years interact with one another. I look forward to spending many more visits with these sweet children over the next nine months. It was one of the best things I have ever participated in.
The field trip to visit their sister school was for the kids to get to interact with new children, who maybe be different from them. It's goal is to introduce them to as many new people as possible so that they grow up knowledgable, confident and open to getting to know people they may meet. Our group of seventeen kiddos were pretty shy when we walked into their room. The teachers, used the books they had made to help introduce each and every person so we could begin to get to know one another. This little boy stole my heart when we jumped up to go shake Ms. Erika's hand after she had introduced him.
The kids absolutely LOVED getting to ride in the super nice bus across town.
Each child got to choose another one from the opposite school to play with. I loved how Carter's girl didn't want to let go of him.
There were so many amazing memories made.
Their class room was filled with all kinds of amazing hands on things to explore. They even had a live turtle we watched swim forever.
These three gals made the whole trip for me. They were a breath of fresh air. For some reason, the three of them, were instantly attached to me at the hip. I had a blast letting them show me around their room. I could have spent all day just laughing and playing with them.
Time to go outside!
These kids were amazing!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I'm Good At A Lot Of Things, But This Ain't One Of Them...

French braiding! But I'll keep trying.
Addie is good at this, though....

Monday, September 26, 2011

Marathon Monday (Wk #9/16)

Scheduled Running: 4 miles, 7 miles, 4 miles, 16 miles = 31 miles
Actual Running: 4 miles (treadmill, slow jog as I was very sore from 14 miler,) 7 miles (felt great,) 4 miles, 16 miles (2 hours and 49 minutes - (10:32 pace) = 31 miles

I know I have said this before but WOW, these long runs are a dedication. I am giving up drinks with my closest girl friends the night before, an hour of preparation dropping water every 3-4 miles and stretching and of course the nearly three hours it takes to run sixteen miles. Although, laying in bed the rest of Sunday sounds appetizing around mile fifteen, I was showered  and loaded up in less than 12 minutes after I walked in from the longest run of my life en route to church. I'm sure the folks next to us thought I was the crazy lady moaning every time we had to stand or sit down while singing. Straight from there, it was a movie, soccer game and an outside birthday party. Needless to say, training for a marathon with a three and four year in the house doesn't leave any time for napping or resting after long runs!

Although this 16 miler was THE toughest yet, I can't complain, when this is the sight I see  at 8:35AM, when getting back to my house, nearly three hours after leaving...
My sweet baby girl running toward me as I round my last turn!
My IT band issue improved this week. I think due to many things. I went by a running store, for the first time, and found out I have a "neutral" foot and was in a shoe for over-pronaters, thus making me land more on the outside ball of my foot??? (or the opposite term, I can't recall.) I ordered some new neutral shoes and all week have been concentrating on landing more evenly. I have shortened my stride some and really concentrated on not jumping and landing hard on my feet, especially when going up and down hills. I have been stretching like a fool and have completely come to terms that I can't do ANYTHING else (exercise wise) but run 4 days a week. I must use the other 3 days to heal my body.

I am still sore but working through it, however, week nine did bring the first one of these....

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Marathon Comedy

Running has become one of the biggest focuses of my life here in the last few weeks. I feel like I am talking about it and finding other fellow marathoners every where I am.

In fact, tonight, I clicked on a blog I have followed for a couple of years but in the craziness of life haven't had time to keep up with and about fell over in my chair laughing so hard when I read her take on the recent marathon she has signed up for. Heather's marathon is the week before mine, so I am looking forward to following her comedic take on it!

Heather from Dooce says:

"Running a marathon has been on my bucket list for many years, but I've always regarded it as some sort of insurmountable task. Herculean. People say that it should be a piece of cake since I had a natural childbirth and um, NO. That lasted only three and half hours and it was INTERVAL TRAINING. This is four to five hours of endurance, and at the end of it you get really chaffed nipples without the cuddly baby!"

I just found this and showed it to Blake, we both were laughing... probably not as funny if you haven't trained for a Marathon before but ironic that I LOVE ROB THOMAS and know I will be singing his songs out loud during the Marathon.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Birthday Parties!

Wow... birthday party season is upon us and it started out with two spectacular ones, if I say so myself.

Saturday, our good neighbor friend, Avery, celebrated turning six with the super cool REPTILE MAN!
Nothing like starting your Saturday with a few snakes crawling all over you!
Sunday, it was on to a much more girly party complete with a real castle and Addie's best friend, Ella.
Did you know San Antonio has a real castle??? 
 The girls were there to celebrate Laney's birthday!
Everyone came dressed like a Princess or Prince and there were lots of fun accessories to complete the outfits. 
Lining up to head up THREE flights of stairs to the TEA ROOM. My favorite memory of the day was right here. Originally, Addie was about 4th in line here and she looked around trying to find Ella, make sure she was okay. Once she found her, she raised her hand trying to get every one's attention and yelled to the whole room, "Ella Perkins is my best friend." She then, without any hesitation, left her prime spot in line and went to the very end of the line to stand with her very best friend." I think I lost my breath in disbelief watching the whole thing transpire twenty feet away. My heart was filled with such love and I was one proud momma.
 Wands for each princess...
 Addie had five cups of tea!
 Cupcake decorating was a hit!
 Thanks Megan for taking picture duty on this one. Good news... I finally found my camera two days later!!! ;)
 Singing happy birthday to the birthday girl.
 Finally, it was time for the princess pinata, a perfect ending to a perfect afternoon!
Happy birthday Laney and thank you for including us in your special day!
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