Friday, December 2, 2011

Week #4: Counters Are In & So Much More! Post 9/15

Monday, Day 15 was an amazing day!!!! Jamie and Little John were at the house installing the gorgeous counters!!!!

We also found back splash tile today!
My mom came over tonight, the first time, since tear out and with her help, we decided not to do the same back splash tile throughout the dining room part of the kitchen and instead just paint. Even though, I ABSOLUTELY ADORE the large gray subway tile, I didn't love the feel of it going all the way across the large dining room space under the three windows. She also helped clarify a lighting question in the far old breakfast nook turn sitting area. I was SO THANKFUL for her visit and opinions.

I have painted swatches ALL over the downstairs to help decide on paint. I am so concerned about going too dark. However, I want it to be cool and dramatic in some parts too.

They also put the sink in and it is AWESOME!!! Just LOVE it.

Day 16
Bruce there 9-2 working on more electrical.

Jamie came by to measure for back splash and give quote to install, we ordered tile, as it is in Califonia.

Sandra okay'd the no tile, but felt like we needed to frame or finish out the area out better to complete it and give counter top a back splash wood frame. During our early morning meeting at the house going over my last minute changes, I told Sandra and Beth about my passion for photography and how I don't have any printed pictures out displayed. They instantly LOVED it and we are making it my gallery wall.

As far as the lighting, we decided today on the 3 smaller lights vs. 3 bigger ones. I got a reasonable quote from painter referred to me by Cindy for entire downstairs and game room. I have got to figure out paint colors!!!!

Tonight, during our daily phone debrief, Sandra and I talked about the benefit of not having every single detail set in stone in our head during this process. There is a clear benefit of things happening naturally and it's better to be open to a change! I 100% agree and went to bed and woke up doing the happy dance so excited about the changes.

Finally, Wednesday, Sergio came and taped off EVERYTHING and patched the remaining holes that Bruce had made and re-textured. This was all done the Monday - Wednesday before Thanksgiving break.
Now, it's the waiting game. With the Thanksgiving holiday, the tile won't be here until next Wednesday or Thursday at the earliest. We can't install the seven appliances until the back splash is in, grouted and sealed. I told Sandra, I will give it until Friday of the following week - December 2, otherwise, I want the appliances installed before the weekend. She called and scheduled delivery and installation that Thursday or Friday, so only time will tell... cross your fingers! Between now and then, it's really just painting and finding out when Hank is coming to install the island counter top and finish out the cabinets.


The Perkins Family said...

The countertops are amazing!!!

Brooke said...

I'm totally obsessed with those counter tops. We're jealous over here on Pinoak!

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