Sunday, December 25, 2011

Party Like It's Christmas Eve.

Each year we LOVE hosting our extended family on Christmas Eve. We started our Mexican Feast tradition several years ago and this gave us the first opportunity to see how our new living space would do entertaining nearly thirty people.  Let's just say, I crawled into bed Christmas Eve telling Blake, "It's was exactly what I imagined our dream kitchen would be months ago!"
Rose, Jessy and Heather

Matt filling up his plate.
Even Meme enjoying the massive amount of yummy food.

 Carter's helicopter was a hit with the entire crowd.
 Lots of technology lessons going on...
 Such a great time was had by all!

Our own Christmas parade!
 My two Christmas angles...
 Uncle Sean and Carter finding out exactly where Santa was. Once we found out he was only three hours and forty minutes away, the kids were ready to get home and into bed ASAP!
 The four of us getting Santa's snack ready...
 We then went and spread the Reindeer food outside across the front yard.
 Then it was time to to jump into bed for our annual traditon of reading, The Night Before Christmas.

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