Thursday, January 20, 2011

Let Basketball - Season II Begin!

This is one of the most fun times of the years for us. We have a great group of 9 boys playing with Carter mostly from Carter's class at school. Of course Cash is playing!
Carter couldn't wait to get shooting.
One of the reasons that I love basketball is we know all the parents and it is fun to all be together on cold Saturday mornings. Although Blake is coaching, he encourages ALL the dads to get out on the floor and help out. This year's group of boys is very focused and it is amazing to see their development in just an hour's time.
There is lots of hustle and of course Carter is still usually on the bottom of the pile.
This past week's game was full supported by all the grandma's!
Carter has scored 2-3 baskets in both games this season and is understanding aspects of the game such as finding open people to pass to. Although basketball has not been his focus with the new found interest in Spiderman and Batman in the last year. He, without a doubt, still has a natural talent and passion for it.
Here's to a good season!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Addie Definitely Has The Leaner Legs

When I came across this picture of myself from 1981, I knew I had a re-creation on my hands. Addie was all about it, studying the picture and doing the arm thing with out me asking. I didn't even have the camera with me when she started.  I do  promise this will be the very last bare picture of my daughter (and myself for that matter that you will ever see) but at 2, she is so darn cute. It is clear to see, the "baby" stage is defintely gone...

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is Addie Afraid Of ANYTHING?!?!

Previously, I have talked about the the goals I set even before Addie was born. I have promised myself, as a mother of a daughter,  I want to raise my daughter to be a strong, confident leader. I like to think we do things everyday to reinforce this but I have a feeling this has more to with what God had planned for her. 
We recently went to a really cool 2nd birthday party of our friend Leighton. They brought in super unique and fascinating animals for the kids to see, hold and touch. I knew Addie would have not problem with the super soft and gentle Alpaca. They bonded quickly.
She was the first to jump up and go play with the Wallaby named Taz when he hopped over.
I was a little more hesitant with the Kinkajou thinking that she would just want to pet him however within 20 seconds he some how was in her arms giving her kisses.
I thought she would surely flip when he went for her curls, probably thinking it was a super soft nest, but she just giggled!
Unexpectantly, a Porcupine appeared and I was sure just by the shear uniqueness and "spikiness" she would just stand back and watch it move around...
... but yet again, I was wrong and this future Veterinarian was the first to go and pet it.
Now, by the time this Boa came out, I knew there would be no stopping her and to no surprise, there she was (my 2  year old) petting a SNAKE!
What a wonderful party Leighton! Your mommy did a fantastic job. One of my favorite things was this amazing Alligator cake Kendall hand-made.
Just for clarification, Carter did also attend this party (you can see him in the background of the first picture) however he was FAR away from the animals most of the time and opted to jump on the most incredible trampolene in the backyard. ;)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Days Till Disney" Countdown!

We are headed to Disney World in March and Julie made the kids the MOST AWESOME KID COUNTDOWN. It is the perfect method for a 2 and 4 year to grasp the amount of days until we leave!
Each day (we actually try to do every other day so that they each get to tear one) we talk about the trip and the fun things we are going to do! They are also excited about the plane ride.
 We are so excited about the trip because we are going as a huge family. Macy and Marshall together with Carter and Addie are at the perfect ages to all entertain one another.

Addie can't believe it is just 2 months before she is going to get to see the BIG Disney castle and get to meet ALL the Disney princesses.

Turning FOUR HURTS!!!!

4 Year Old Stats:
WEIGHT: 38 pounds (with clothes on, no shoes)
HEIGHT: 40 inches
He passed his first vision test with flying colors! I pray he has his daddy's vision and not his mom's.
His blood pressure was perfect (probably because we hadn't told him about the 6 SHOTS he had to get.) We got to make it 5 by opting for the inhaled flu shot this year. 
 He had a FULL INTERVIEW with Dr. McCray. She asked him all kinds of questions like what is his mommy and daddy's name and where he lived. He gets SO SHY when he is asked questions like this but answered each question perfectly every time. I was a little nervous when Dr. McCray asked him to name his favorite few fruits and vegetables but FRUIT SNACKS were no where on his list. He answered green beans, peas and carrots. Whew!!! ;)
 A few weeks ago when Carter had come down with Strep throat, the Dr. had found that his right ear tube that had been put in exactly 3 years prior had dislodged and instead of falling out (as expected) had fallen back behind the ear drum into the middle ear canal. This is a very rare event, but this past Monday morning, Carter had the procedure to get it removed and came out from anesthesia like a rock star. Less than 40 minutes from waking up, he was inhaling 4 chicken biscuits from Chick-Fe-Le and asking to play on the playground.
The 5 shots were SLIGHTLY traumatic which left him walking like an old man for the first 2 days.  He would remind me, when I would tell him to hurry and get out of the car, "Mom, hold on, I'm moving a little slower, my legs really hurt." Although he insisted on not taking the band aids off for 3 days, he was playing in his first YMCA basketball game of the year less than 24 hours later. We are so proud of our little man.

Monday, January 10, 2011

We Finally MADE it till MIDNIGHT!!!!!!

The last time we made it might have been 2008 and before that perhaps 2005. That was the last time we weren't either pregnant or exhausted just thinking of the kids waking up bright and early at 7AM on January 1st!
We had a 3 hour amazing and hysterical dinner at Flemming's with the Perkins and was so thrilled when Jennifer, my best friend from high school days, joined us. She just got home from Italy where she has been getting her MBA for the last 18 months. I have been elated getting to spend some quality time with her!
Getting to spend New Year's with Jen reminded me of New Year's 1999 in Breckenridge Colorado ringing in the New Year. Wow... it doesn't seem like it could be 11 years ago.
 Blake wasn't as into the midnight kiss from Mike as Jennifer was of mine! ;) The look on his face was great!
 I had 2 of my VERY VERY BEST GIRLS with me! I was a lucky girl... not much more could make this a better New Year's for me!! Maybe if Alli was with us 3!
2010 is going to be hard to beat! But I think 2011 is lining up to do it!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Catching Their VERY FIRST Fish!

This is the story of the FRIGHTENED and the FEARLESS. Care to guess who is who?
She wanted to see how far she could shove her finger in the mouth before deciding she needed to hold it and carry it around.
She was "hooked" after that cool experience.
Just a second later, Carter got his first bite!
This was one of my favorites...
Carter posing so proudly. About 2.5 seconds after this picture was taken, the fish wiggled and Carter dropped it and screamed as loud as he could running away and not looking back. He left it to his sister to get back into the water.
Then it was Blake's turn...
He got a much uglier catfish, which didn't phase Addie. Carter was on the verge of crying here when we asked him if he wanted to touch it.
These next 2 pictures about sum up my children's personalities to a tee. I asked them 30 minutes later, "How big was the fish you caught?" ;)
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