Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Morning: Santa Came!

Carter awoke around 7:30 AM and patiently waited for his sister to wake up.
At 8AM, the patience wore off and we allowed him to go in and wake her up... she wasn't as excited about Santa in that moment but quickly came around after a big stretch.
Stockings are traditionally first in our home...
Santa even left mom a Justin Bieber musical toothbrush to jam to morning and night.
Soon, it was upstairs to see what else Santa had left.
A pillow pet... I feel like this is going to be one of those decade 2000 items, we laugh at in twenty years.
This fall season, Addie has really been into footie pajamas and Santa brought her a new princess one... before we knew it, she had it on!
Addie cleaning up some of Santa's crumbs...
For the 5th year, my dad, a.k.a. "pops" joined us early morning for Santa's gift opening.
My little man riding his two-wheeler.

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