Thursday, December 31, 2009

Addison - Milestones in 2009 (8-19 months of age)

In Descending Order -
  • MEDICAL: One week after being sick previously, Addie presented with congestion, cough that woke her up at night and low grade temp of 100 - 101, took to doctor Monday morning and had a little bit of wheezing, Dr. Cuming was more aggressive than normal due to 3 days before Christmas started her on Orapred ODT 15 MG (Steroid) for 5 days, Azithromycin 200mg (ZPAC) for 5 days and our regular every 4 hour breathing treatment regimine, cough was bad at night for 2 nights and she was back at 100 percent 48 hours later. Went to 3X breathing treatments 3X day days 3 and 4, 2X/day 5 and 6, 1X day - day 7 and cough completely gone. - 19 months & 2 days
  • MEDICAL: Friday afternoon low grade fever not acting herself, continued into Saturday with extreme fussiness, fever and major thick drooling and not wanting to eat or drink. She would cry after coughing. Took to North Central Urgent Care and diag. with bacterial throat inffection. Dr said looked VERY painful and said that is why she is not eating. RX's Tylenol with Codeine and Cephalexin 350mg/5mL 4X a day; woke up much better on Sunday - just shy of 19 months
  • Went #2 in potty after squating down in hall, I asked her if she wanted to go in potty and she got up and went to bathroom. She had pee'd in diaper but I her put on potty and she quickly pooped (probably coincidence!) - 18.5 mo
  • Addie's new teachers's have said 3 days in a row she is the best listener in class - 18.5 months (Yea right!!!!)
  • Transitioned for Mrs. Linda, Kim and Elizabeth's 12-17 mo. room to Ms. Chayo, Erin and Lynn's 19-24 month room - 18.5 months
  • MEDICAL: Follow up at ENT 2 weeks post tubes - they look great. - 18.5 months
  • 18 month Stats: Weight - 27 lb & 7oz. (90th%); Length 33 (90th%); Head Circum - 49.5 (97th%) Healthy otherwise, got just a polio vaccine. Personality at 18 months: stubborn, daddy's girl and VERY ornery at this age
  • MEDICAL: Tubes put in by Dr. Nau - woke up from anesthesia fighting and kicking and wanting daddy & then fighting him when she got to him until 40 minutes later when they released us, walked outside, and she was suddenly perfect for the rest of the day... seriously. 5 days later - no change in sleeping, still going to bed at 8:15 and awaking on own happy at 6:30 AM EVERY SINGE MORNING with 1.5 to 2 hour nap at school. - 18 months
  • For the last 10 days we have noticed FINALLY no more crying when we put her down to go to sleep. Around 8, after reading books, we start talking about going to "night-night," close all her wood blinds together, allow her to turn on her air purifier (noise machine) and she lunges for bed with her white lamb. By the time we turn on monitor in bedroom, she completely asleep on stomach. - 18 months
  • MEDICAL: Took Addie to Dr. Nau, ENT, and he agreed she needed tubes. Scheduled for Monday morning 6:30 AM! 17 mo. & 2 wks
  • Teachers at daycare commented on Addie at 17 months: "She is the biggest tester. She looks at us when we say no and then does it just to get a reaction and then giggles."
  • MEDICAL: After being EXTREMELY clingy & fussy as well as waking up at at 2AM for 2.5 hours in middle the night the previous night - took to Goodnight Pediatrics to find right ear infection (9th ear infection in 11 months) - RX'd Biaxin BID for 10 days. Biaxin is disguisting thick nasty tasting antibiotic. If we put it in with milk for her to take it turns the entire huge cup of milk SOUR within 10 min. We found best success with Strawberry Lemonade Crystal Light. - 17 mo & 2 wks
  • MEDICAL: Took Addie into Dr. Cuming for follow up from 2.5 wks ago having double ear infection, ears not infected (left still had fluid) however lingering dry cough had a severe amoung of wheezing. Did breathing treatment in office which cleared up wheezing and Dr. Cuming believes Addie could have asthma. Treating her with breathing treatments every 4-6 hours to see if chronic cough goes away. Rx's Albuterol .021% every 4-6 hours until cough gets much better then every 12 hours AS WELL as Pulmicort .5mg every 12 hours (12 days in treatment, cough is significantly better, especially after 5 days of antibiotic for ear infection. (I wonder how much that is playing a role in cough?) - 17 months
  • MEDICAL: Double ear infection after a few days of LOW GRADE fever, no higher than 99.5 and clear runny nose with dry cough - RX'd Augmenton for 10 days. (Goodnight pediatric late night visit) - 16 mo & 3 wks 
  • Started learning Spanish at school 2X a week at 16 months. She knows "cabeza," "ojos," "orejas," "boca," & "nariz." They are learning colors as well this week. - 16 months
  • MEDICAL: 15 month check up - WEIGHT: 15 lbs & 6 oz (90%); LENGTH: 31 & 3/4" (80%); HEAD CIRCUMFERENCE - (98th%) - everything normal and slightly above normal with development
  • MEDICAL: Started whole milk on Sunday-Aug 16, did great during the day however starting milk was the EXACT same night she woke up crying at night, so after 3 days of milk and although doing great during the day with no fussiness or gas, went back to SOY on 4th day just before the same day diag. with ear infection, went BACK TO WHOLE MILK the following day and has happily been on it ever sense - 15 months
  • MEDICAL: After 4 nights of waking up an hour after going to bed and being inconsolable, NO TEMP EVER OVER 98 degrees, diagnosed with right ear infection, at Goodnight Pediatrics. We thought was teething since molars continuting to break through - Rx'd Augmenton for 10 days (5th ear infection total, however, first one in 5 1/2 months.) - 15 months
  • MEDICAL: 3 molars all broke through at same time (all while sick which probably made it worse!) - 14.5 months 
  • Completely done with the 1 last bottle to put her to bed (threw all bottles away in the house!) - 1 year, 2 months & 2 wks (FINALLY!)
  • MEDICAL: Sick with high temp for 4 days and runny nose, dr. orginally thought cold but went back to find red irriatied throat, tested negative for strept but started Amoxicillin, 2 following days Addie still VERY lethargic sleeping till 11AM and very clingy and tired, off balance, light rash over stomach and woke up on 6 th day with left eye lid very swollen, frusterated with ped, so took to Goodnight Pediatrics to see Dr. Sutherland (we love her) and stongly thinks "adenoviral infection," she did quick test (blood drawn) for "Mono" which was negative, overall white blood count was fairly normal indicating not a bacterial infection but there are cells specific to Viral infection that were slightly high indicating along with the symptoms Adeno Virus. Eye determined as "Periorbital cellulitis" a bacterial infection from rubbing her eye, RX'd Omnicef since Augmenton only 40% effective in treating eye condition, did spread to other eye for 1-2 days, finally got Addie back at 100% 10 days after first sign of temperture, cough continues to linger at night - 14 mo & 1 wk
  • MEDICAL: Saw Pediatric Gastroenterologist- Dr. Ibarguen - Addie was currently sick with separate Viral Infection. Shared all symptoms and thought that we had seen a noticeable reduction in stomach pain by completely STOPING MOTRIN use and decided to double the Prevacid to 2X/day (since she was taking it a 6:30 AM, it could have been wearing off by 9 PM) and monitor symptoms for another month since she was doing okay, instead of doing invasive upper GI - 14 mo & 1 wk
  • Really wants to use a spoon on her won when eating - does pretty good on somethings - 14 mo & 1 wk 
  • Can stack 10 blocks all by herself - 14 months
  • MEDICAL: Weighs 25 lbs 1 oz with no clothes on and 30 3/4 inches - 14 months
  • MEDICAL: Took to Dr. Cuming for extreme evening time fussyness and gas, drew blood for Gluten test, tested liver, anemia, etc... all back normal. Now, have appointment with Pediatric GI - Dr. Ibarguen for this Thurs. - 14 months
  • First "fight" with Ella over Ella's pink baby stroller - I am sure many more to come - 14 mo & 1 wk
  • Hair - is light golden brown getting much lighter this summer, wet, it is about 4-5 inches long however TIGHT 1/2" wide curls are stuck to her head all around. Eyes are hazel with a line of blue around the edges - 14 months
  • So sweet and loves to share however starting to get a little upset if Carter takes something from her (can you blame her???) - 14 months
  • LOVES to bring us things... ANYTHING - 14 months
  • MEDICAL: Still has mornings or afternoons of extreme fussiness - could it be not getting enough fat since drinking soy with only 1/2 the fat of whole milk becasue she seems a lot better when she drinks 12-15 oz of soy milk in a setting (Ask doctor) - 14 months
  • Sleeping on toddler blow up air mattress when we travel and did GREAT! Yea... no more pack n' play. - 14 months
  • First trip to the beach with her best friend Ella (Port Aransas) July 2009. She absolutely LOVED the beach and water and wanted to go out as far as she could in the water (fearless) Also leaves being thrown and will go under water - 14 months 
  •  MEDICAL: Her 7th tooth broke through (her bottom 3rd one on left) - 13.5 months
  • We are still trying to figure out what exaclty her personality is going to be like - 13 months
  • MEDICAL: Noticed large cyst on her lower right gum, called doctor and said it was okay and there is nothing we can do until the tooth comes in in a few months - 13 mo & 3 wk
  • Loves pointing at placed she wants to go and things she wants and saying "da or doy," and then laughing her distinctful laugh when you say what she wants (so adorable!) - 13.5 months
  • Suddenly walking 100% of the time - 13 months
  • Regularly using sign language, "More," when she wants more to eat - 13 months
  • Favorite foods - scrambled eggs, peas, green beans and cheerios - 13 months
  • Saying "Ma-Ma" very clearly and holding hands up to me - 12.5 months
  • Trying to walk 60% of the time and bending down to pick up balls and standing up - 12.5 months
  • MEDICAL: Slight case of pink eye - 12.5 months. RX'd Vigamox 3X/day for 4-5 days, cleared up in less than 24 hours
  • Transitioned to 12-18 month room with Ms. Linda and Elizabeth at 12.5 months. Also only taking 1 - 5oz bottle a day at night when going to bed AND taking 1 - 2 HR NAP/day (FINALLY!)
  • MEDICAL: Back to SOY MILK after waking up several nights in a row a couple hours AFTER going to bed and screaming unconsolably - 12 months & 1 wk
  • Taking 12 steps across room - 1 year & 10 days
  • Took her FIRST REAL 3 STEPS in Ella's room - 1 year and 3 days old! YEA!
  • SO TOUGH... doesn't cry when knocked down,likes to rough house with Carter ALL THE TIME - 1 YEAR
  • Switched to WHOLE MILK COMPLETELY - 1 YEAR (still taking 3 bottles a day with 3-5 oz while we transistion to sippy cups only)
  • 12 month checkup: 24 lb and 11 oz (90th%); 30.5 inches (90th%); head circumference - 97th%- just like her brother!)
  • 12 month checkup: 24 lb and 11 oz (90th%); 30.5 inches (90th%); head circumference - 97th%- just like her brother!)
  • Walking everywhere in the baby pool with confidence - 11 mo & 3 wks
  • Had first "write-up" at school for biting a friend, Jack Putniki - 11 months & 3 wks
  • Walking well with holding on to one of our hands - 11 month & 3 wks
  • Understands "feet-first" when coming down stairs, steps and our bed - 11 month & 2 wks
  • MEDICAL: 24 lbs and wearing mainly 18 month clothes - 11 months & 2 wks
  • MEDICAL: After 10 day follow up from ear infection, she has double ear infection again (4th one). Dr. Rx'd Augmenton for 20 days and if doesn't go away - schedule tubes. Augmenton causing HORRIBLE BMs. (stopped after 4 days, later restarted at 2.5 mg)-11 mo and 2 weeks
  • Standing on own for 3-4 seconds - 11 months
  • MEDICAL: Diagnosed with 3rd ear infection in right ear and has cough - Rx'd (Cefdinir 125mg) Omnicef for 10 days (turned poop bright red but otherwise no bad side effects) - 11 months
  • Climbed up all the stairs ALL by herself with no help - 10 mo & 3 wks
  • Furniture cruising, stepping sideways, walking easily holding on to our hands - 10 mo & 2 wks
  • Saying very definite "dadwwg" when she sees Maverick & Smokey - 10 mo & 1 wk
  • Saying very definite "da-da" when she sees Blake - 10 mo
  • Pulling up to standing position - exactly 10 months
  • MEDICAL: Diag. with viral cough/bronchiolitis (RSV negative) after taking her in for dry cough. Started breathing treatments w/ Xopenex q 6hrs for wheezing, developed fever & diagnosed w/left ear infection (2nd ear infections), RX'd Augmentin, steroid Orapred - Symptoms lasted 7 days, 3rd & 4th day the worse - 9.5 months
  • Attempting to pull up to feet on EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME! - 9 mo & 2 wks
  • Officially crawling well - 9 mo & 2 wks
  • Rocking back and forth on hands and knees - 9 mo & 1 wk
  • Waving bye-bye all the time - 9 mo & 1 wk
  • Going from hands and knees to sitting up! - 9 months
  • 1st bottom tooth breaking through - 9 months to the day
  • Clapping by herself - 9 months
  • MEDICAL: 9 month check up: 21 lbs & 7 oz. (90%) length - 29" (90%) & head circum. 47 (97%)
  • 8.5 month schedule: up around 6:30 AM, 8 oz bottle at 7AM, cereal at 8:45 AM, bottle at 10:30 AM, veggie baby food at 12:30, bottle at 2:30, dinner of veggie and fruit baby food at 5ish, bottle at 7PM, asleep by 7:30 PM
  • Pushing up on all fours (stomach off the ground!) - 8 mo & 2 wks
  • Holding bottle on own very well - 8 mo
  • MEDICAL: Horrible stomach virus for 9 days (hospitalized) - 8 months
  • Starting cereal AGAIN 2X a day (3rd times a charm!)-doing well 7mo & 2 wks
  • Will go from sitting position to stomach to try to reach for things (sometimes)- 7 mo & 2 wks

Monday, December 28, 2009

Starting to Like Playing Dress Up

Addie received some dress up things from Santa, MeMe and Cousin Ainsley!

Eve Cousin Carson wanted to get in on the fun!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

"Playing" Tourists In Our Very Own City.

With Chris, Heather, Carson and MeMe in town, we decided to take an impromptu trip down to the San Antonio river to eat dinner and look at all the beautiful lights! The Nash Family (Heather is 26 weeks pregnant.)
Addie and Carson had such a great time playing nicely at dinner.
We just played tourists and it was so much fun! We even made a trip into the "Chocolate Factory" to get dessert. Here is Carter with the S'more that we split.

Carter's Very First Trip To The Movies!

Carter got invited to his very first movie by his best friend Cash and his mom. He used his Christmas money from Uncle August to buy his ticket.
Once he gave his ticket to enter, he found Cash at the snack bar line.
His first movie was Alvin and The Chipmunks.

Carter sat and watched the entire 90 minute movie perfectly and drank a big Sprite, therefore with 4 minutes remaining in the movie, we had to leave to use the restroom. This was Carter, Terri and Cash right when the movie was over!

I am assuming this is where Carter and Cash were "discussing" the movie while walking out until they found an old picture booth!

What a fun afternoon it was!

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Morning!

Carter and Addie woke up Christmas morning to find Santa had in fact been in the house. Laying on the plate of cookie crumbs were 2 silver bells that Santa had left from his sleigh.
After a quick breakfast and arrival of Pops, we started by opening stockings.

Then it was off upstairs where Santa had left the bigger gifts.

Carter found his big boy bicycle and Addie, her car!

It was amazing having my father, Bill "Pops," here the entire morning of Christmas. He has done it for the last 3 years and we all look forward to it each year. He helped both Carter and Addie with every single gift they received.

They spent lots of time setting up and playing with the enormous Hot Wheels jumping race track from MeMe.

What a wonderful Christmas morning with our family including MeMe and Pops. We wouldn't have changed it for the world.
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