Thursday, June 21, 2012

Port A: Such A Great Getaway

I've talked about this before, but there is something about the beach where I am totally able to disconnect. I think I look at my phone about once a day while we are there.
The icing on the cake is having the Perkins family with us on long weekend trips like this. Since their move, we don't get to see them during the week as often and therefore, times like this are even more special. There are so many reasons why this trip will stand out in our minds but more than anything, it is a great reminder of how incredibly blessed we are to have best friends, like them.
I love how easy it is for the eight of us to be around each other. All the kids know that they can come to any of us if they need anything and likewise, we aren't afraid to correct them, even if it's not our kid making a bad decision.
 But this was the one mental picture that will stand out in my mind about this year's trip. On this Friday morning and afternoon, we arrived at the beach around 9 AM and didn't even look down at our watches until 1:30 PM when ONE of the kids said they were hungry! Yes, they hadn't eaten a snack or lunch IF THAT TELLS YOU HOW MUCH FUN WE ALL WERE HAVING!
I remember thinking to get up and grab my camera to remember this memory. The seven of us (minus Easton who had crashed under the tent for a nap) just sitting, playing and talking about life all afternoon! Of all of our amazing Perkins/Brown memories, this is up in the top five, for sure.
We love you guys!

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The Perkins Family said...

That is so sweet!!! Of course we loved it too and had such a great time!!

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