Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Port A: Ghost Shrimpn'

One of our very favorite beach activities....
Carter and Ella were quite the Ghost Shrimping duo.
Once Ella picked up the shrimp, if we didn't have a bucket nearby, she would shove the 5 inch long thing into Carter's shorts.
 Before I knew it, I had become the depository for hats and sunglasses.
 Ella and Carter searching for more holes.
 Addie just enjoying the view.
 This has got to be the BEST family photo in our history. Some how, Carter is carrying Blake's drink and he instinctively knew to try to get it out of the picture. I promise, we have not trained our son. We didn't know this was what he was doing until we looked back at the photo.

1 comment:

Amanda said...

When Carter's in college, I'm sure he'll be posing WITH the beers.

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