Friday, May 30, 2008

"What does Carter think of Addison?"

That is the number one question we hear right now. You know, we really didn't force Addison on Carter at all. We have been trying to give him just as much attention especially when she is in the room. But since she sleeps 20 hours a day, Carter hasn't had too much to do with her yet. Slowly though, we are encouraging more interaction. Here are some of the first introductions....

Carter wanted to check her ear out!

But then bent over and gave her a kiss!

I guess you can consider this a kiss!

Or smashing her face... she didn't seem to mind!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Introducing Miss Addison Paige....

We welcomed Addison on Tuesday, May 20 at 4:51 PM. She came out healthy and pink weighing in at 7 lbs and 13 ounces. Blake got to actually deliver her and he said it was one of the most amazing experiences he has ever had.

Less than 3 days old, Addison got to meet her much anticipated good friend - Miss Ella Perkins. Although Megan and Mike didn't know what they were having until the birth.... Addie and I were praying for a little girl! Ella is 9 days old here.

This was Addison's first bath, which she loved! Like any lady, she enjoyed getting her hair washed!

Grandpa Lance was in town for the weekend and so Addison got some good time with him!

Her eyes are dark bluish gray, similar to Carter's at this age. She also has her big brother's cheeks! In her first 7 days, she has been on a great 3 hour schedule of eating, staying awake for 30 or so minutes and then sleeping until her next feeding. We are praying that this continues as it did with Carter and develops into some great sleeping habits down the road.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Addison will be here tomorrow - May 20, 2008!

Addison's room is completely done and we are checking into the hospital tomorrow at 5:30 AM. Here are some pictures of her finished room awaiting her arrival!

Carter loves feeding the dogs and eating the food too!

Each night, Carter loves to carry both the dog bowls to the garage to fill them with food and feed the dogs.

However recently, as we fill the bowls, he dives in and picks up a couple of pieces and starts munching down on them. We are probably horrible parents to grab our cameras and think that 1-2 pieces a day will give him some extra protein.

He knows he is busted!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Here are some brand new videos of Carter!

He will be a big brother this coming Tuesday, May 20th... so we are enjoying some good quality one-on-one time before the big day. (Which of course involves a ball at all times!)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Last few weeks of being pregnant with Addison...

...have been very rough on my back! But that is due to the 50 pounds I have already gained with still a few more weeks to go. (Thanks in part to Dairy Queen's Oreo and Cookie Dough Blizzard EVERY SINGLE DAY for 6 months!) I cannot wait to have a healthy child born and be able to get back into some serious shape... I dream about it at night, being strong and in shape and able to lift Carter up without me crying!
This picture was in April 2008.
And this was the last picture I have of the 2 of us pregnant together on May 4, 2008. This was just 10 days from when Megan Perkins went into labor and had Ella Pearl Perkins on May 14, 2009.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Carter working on both hands dribbling!

Most everyone knows how obsessed with 'Balls' Carter has been since he was 9 months old. He has been bouncing balls since he could stand, for well over 4 months now. Everyone that sees him is in disbelief! I guess because Blake and I have never been around a 12-16 month old before we never knew what was normal or not.

Here are a couple of videos of Carter doing what he loves more than anything.... bouncing, dribbling and shooting basketballs!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Carter's 1st "Put-Put" this weekend!

We took Carter to play "put-put" this Saturday morning. We had so much fun and made it through all 18 holes! Carter is quickly getting the idea of how to play and loved climbing the hundreds of stairs they had all along the course!

Carter is 16 months old and becoming so smart!

What a fun age Carter is at! He understands way more than we imagine and he surprises us everyday. He loves shoes and always want to have them on or in his hands. I think he associates them with going outside. He will try repeat almost anything we ask him to and at nap time and at night will say "Night night," when we put him in his crib to go to sleep!

Although, I don't think he has any clue why there is this pink, "girly room," suddenly in our home, he does likes to play in Addison's crib

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