Sunday, December 18, 2011

Carter's Top 10 at FIVE Years Old (#1-3)

# 3. Learning!
This one has reappeared in the last 6 months and since Carter changed schools. He comes home every single day telling us what he did that day, what experiment they tried out, how many guessed which outcome it would have and even more exciting, he tells us what he is doing the next day. He's so excited to go to school each and everyday.

At home, it's the same thing. His very favorite books are these kid-like encyclopedias that Meme finds that answer questions like, "Why do cats pur?" or "Why do owls only hunt at night?" Combine this with his favorite show Wild Kratts and Carter is a walking random fact machine and he is always wanting to share what he learns. Sometimes, he gets frustrated because he has to take turns with Addie each day on the way home from school telling me what he did. He doesn't care much for the fact that Addie has just as much to tell me.

His fact quest continues each night, with Blake's customary night time regimen of answering his latest questions. Last night's was, "Daddy, do they use sand and dirt to build houses in Africa?"

#2. Anything with a motor.
I thought this came a little early at FIVE years old but in the last month since Carter received a toy car from Sean, Kaylee and Rose... this seems to be the kind of toy at the top of his list.
This shot was a perfect example/memory of how much Addie wants to be with you. Even in a picture with a car.
Soon after this came Meme's birthday gift of a motorized Police boat. So many nights after bath, this is the scene in our bathroom.

# 1. It's pretty cool to be able to confidently say that SPORTS is Carter's #1 because at eight months I could have pretty much said they same thing. This little guy isn't partial to just one either... he will take them all. It really does depend on what season it currently is and with basketball in full swing with his once a week practices already at school for the past month, he's ready for this real team to start up in just a couple of weeks. This will mark FIVE year old Carter's 3rd season of basketball, already. My fondest sports memory in just the past month has to be watching Carter lay with his daddy at the lake and work on his addition and subtraction while watching the President's Cup and Bubba Watson make a birdie. I walked in the room to hear this...

Carter: "Yes, it went in!!!"
Blake: So... that was a _____?
Carter: "Birdie"
Blake: So what is his score now?
Carter: "Minus Two."

I'm pretty sure my chin might have hit the floor, hearing my four year old son comprehend the game of golf way better than me.

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