Friday, December 16, 2011

Carter's Top 10 at FIVE Years Old (#4-6)

As we continue this snap shot of Mr. Carter Brown, we can't help that notice that this year's list is different than years past.... it's not filled with "things" or just people, rather, we've seen such a little personality take shape these days.

#6 - Carter's spontaneous and sweet side has become even more evident. Just today, his teacher Mrs. Andrea was saying she wanted to take him home. She said he was playing a board game with three little girls and he kept winning all the pieces. A couple of girls became really sad to be loosing and Carter would look at them and lean over and say, "I'll throw in some pieces for you so you can stay in."

A couple of weekends ago, on our long drive home from Dallas, the kids got to take turns choosing DVDs. When it came to Carter's first choice, he choose The Princess Movie because he, "knew it would make Addie happy."

Every day, Carter does something thoughtful or amazing that makes me gleam with "mommy & daddy proudness." He is such a naturally kind and thoughtful little boy and I am happy to say it becomes more and more evident each year that goes by.

#5 - Staying on the personalty topic, we have seen a huge growth in Carter's sensitivity. I remember the days where he couldn't walk into a new house filled with people for a birthday party without needing to hide in a room for a while to get used to the environment. Don't get me wrong, he still has his occasional bury his head in mom's legs, kind of moment however they much farther in between. Just this month during our kitchen renovation, the kids got to eat dinner at McDonald's and Carter saw that another child got a different toy in the Happy Meal that he preferred. I told him if he wanted to go stand in line all the way at the front and ask the cashier if he could exchange his toy for a different one, he could. I was blown away when he jumped off the stool and confidently marched up and stood in line. I was so proud of him and know that 6 months ago that would have never happened.

But don't be fooled, we still have an occasional emotional breakdown over something completely minor and silly, like this when he was told he had to wait till after bath to open a birthday gift.

#4 - His mommy, daddy and Addie. It's neat that I can still put these three people on this list because I wonder if in a few years he will go through a stage of not really wanting to be around us all that much? But as for now, even with his FIVE year old independence, he would much rather be around the three of us.

The questions he is constantly asking us, everything he wants to show and tell us and just the time spent lounging on the couch or on his bed reading books, is where Carter wants to be.  I pray it will always be like that but I have a feeling there will be a stage of sports, friends and one day, GIRLS, that will take his attention away from us so for now we will take as much of it as we can get!

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