Saturday, April 22, 2006

We're Pregnant!!!!

I just found out this morning that we are pregnant and so very excited! WOW... we have been trying to get pregnant since last July and felt like it was taking forever. I had already taken so many pregnancy tests over the last 9 months that when it came up positive with 2 lines, I was in disbelief.
Blake was gone this morning, when I took the test, playing flag football and Jennifer Hickey (my best friend since high school) was actually in town staying at our house. I walked in to her bathroom and put the positive pregnancy test down in front of her. I was desperately trying to find a fun and unique way to tell Blake by the time he got home but gave up and told him so excitedly while we were standing in our kitchen! WOW!!!!
That night we had plans to go over to Jessica's for a little get together and got to silently "celebrate," with out telling a sole. Jennifer would switch my new fresh, cold beer for her empty one to help keep our secret under wraps since we were SO EARLY on in the pregnancy... maybe 3-4 weeks right now!
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