Monday, January 30, 2012

If it wasn't for the hair on the legs.... would think this was Carter before a soccer game, but look closely, these are legs of a soon to be thirty-four year old.
It is 10:04 Monday night and my husband just left for his 10:30 PM D-2 soccer game.  He plays on a team of die-hard-soccer-is-life-Mexican-nationals. Those young twenty somethings (not Blake) play in leagues 3 TIMES A WEEK!!!!!!
He's going to kill me for posting this but I think it's important for Carter, one-day to  fully realize, where his athleticism comes from. I can't wait for an upcoming 6:30 or 7:30 game so I can show the kids their super daddy in action. Until then, I look forward to him crawling in bed each Monday night un-injured with a smile of competitiveness on his face.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

To Be 3 Again...

...with not a care in the world (except if your brother gets an extra piece of candy.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tennis With Carter

At a fresh five years old, my son is officially is good as I am...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who's In Our Bath Tub?

While rinsing Addie's hair the other night, I couldn't belive how long it has gotten when it's soaking wet. You can't blink or you will miss the length.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Candid moments the last couple of days.
Dancing to music in Addie's room.
Watching Aunt Danielle play basketball.
Practing writing our letters.
No matter what they are doing, they want to be next to one another.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Carter's Five Year Old Interview

The third one is my personal favorite.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Proud Mama Alert!

With no zoom on the IPAD, he's the littlest guy in the bright orange shirt, with the ball on the left.  On a team with all six and seven year olds, my freshly turned five year old just happened to be the leading scorer on the team but I promise I'm not really keeping stats! Meme... you'd be SO PROUD!!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Megan Perkins... this is your assignment.

So in early November, smack in the middle of training for the marathon as well as the kitchen remodel, with the holidays fast approaching, Blake and I made a pact that come January, we were going to take it easy and do nothing for an entire month....

It's January 13, 2012 and Blake has joined a competitive indoor soccer team that plays each week, Carter has started his third season of basketball (which Blake is coaching, of course,) Addie just had her second week of cooking class and I just finished having the life changing vision surgery - LASIK, that over night (rather in just 106 seconds) resulted in having perfect 20/15 vision.  This, after having been diagnosed legally blind several years ago. Needless to say, our pact has failed miserably but there is always February, right?

In addition, my best friend Megan and I, started an intermediate photography class together this past week and for the next 4 weeks. Each week, we will have assignments but this first week I decided to give us our own additional assignment from something we discussed in class.

Night shooting our of home with no flash:

Only Rules:
It has to be SOOC with zero editing. All I did was crop to 5X7.
This shot ended up being right at 6:30 PM while sunset was at 5:55 PM.The details: M-f(22) S(30 seconds) ISO 200 (I just didn't think 100 had enough light.) I wasn't real thrilled with the shot tonight. I lost the part that connects my camera to hook into my tripod, so I was holding it on top of my tripod while my left thumb was gushing blood wrapped in a paper towel after deeply slicing it while slicing celery in the middle of making dinner, 30 seconds prior. ;) I think I am going to retry f-14 to allow in some more light later this weekend, order another connector and not do this while making dinner.

SECOND assignment, we must calibrate our monitors. Email me Megan, if you find out a good how-to!!! Love you and glad we are doing this.

Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Eve 2011... or was it 1985?!?

Hands down the best New Year's Party we have ever been to. Something about 30 year olds wearing things like this just puts everyone at ease.
 Big goddy gold jewelry....
 The Jane Fonda leg warm up look...
 Blake and I spent almost two hours at Goodwill having so much fun picking out our random outfits... who knew Goodwill even had dressing rooms?!?
We were having so much fun that we pretty much forgot about twelve o'clock midnight... now that may mean a great New Year's party!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Kitchen Remodel: The Before AND After Pictures!

I know what you're probably saying.... "Finally!!" Here they are. Part of the reason I haven't posted is it still isn't 100% complete... but will it truly ever be?!? So here you have it and we couldn't be happier or more satisfied!
** To see the entire process click on the hyper line "kitchen remodel" at the end of this post**

The before view from when you walk in the front door:
And my most favorite after view when you walk in the front door:
Before from the stairwell:
After from the stairwell:
View of one side of entry before and after:
View of other angle of entry (Where piano was):
After: The piano is now upstairs and I am going to take my time finding the best look for the entry, right now, we are just enjoying the extra space.
Dining room view before:
Dining room after: (Shutters will soon frame out these three windows and eventually we will find a cool chandelier we love to hang above the table.) Notice the ceiling was dropped to be even with the rest of the space.
View from master bed room doorway before:
And same view after:
The old breakfast nook before:
The new sitting nook: (One of my favorite new aspects.) My $100 new Craigslist chair will soon be re-covered in fabulous new fabric. Shutters will be installed for the nine remaining windows in the area in the next few weeks.
View from the living room (back to TV) before:
The same view after:
A few more of my favorite views:
In the distance is the canvas painting the four of us made the week before Christmas.
Our new pantry... two floor to ceiling sets of these... so far I love it more because I can finally see everything that was in my pantry.
The appliance garage below, was another of one of my must haves items. I love how all items are plugged in and ready to be used but in two seconds can be closed up.
This is another part of my very favorite items incorporated in our new area... my gallery wall, where I can easily display the photographs I take. Two more items, we are beyond thrilled that we choose is the beverage refrigerator. Initially, we had purchased a 60 bottle wine refrigerator and last minute came to our senses that we aren't the type of family that would ever have more than a dozen bottles just sitting there. So we found a refrigerator that holds thirty bottles and has two shelves for cans, which fits our lifestyle perfectly. The other splurge was an ice maker. Everyone we talked to that had one couldn't live without now and we knew it would make MeMe Diane very happy, as she is a ice fanatic.
With the new warm grays on the walls, it makes our three year old couch feel new and really pop. Again, I can't wait for the shutters in this space. 

So what's still to do:
1) Get shutters installed for all windows in the space
2) Cover the sitting area chair
3)  Paint the red Pottery Barn buffet that used to be in dining room (see picture 9 of the before dining room) a dark Teal and place under wall mounted TV in living room.
4) Find amazing mirror for entry
5) Fill the glass cabinets with neat items (over time)
6) The hidden slide out cutting board still needs to be mounted over the trash can
7) Find the coolest chandelier above the dining room table

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