Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Our Movie Star.

Addie has really been diggn' her new sun glasses since she has recently been complaing of being "hot," anytime the sun is in her eyes.

Our Slip n' Sliding Goggle Wearing Little Man

Carter has discovered how cool goggles are in the last week.

Monday, June 28, 2010

And These Are Only A Handful Of The Outfits!

I can't belive it has been exactly a year ago since the last "lake photo shoot" with these 2!
Outfit 1: The fun, go any where, coordinating, but not "too matchy" tank!
Outfit 2: The adorable hand painted shirts from Addie's MeMe.
Outfit 3: The statement piece... a crown for our 2 angels!
Outfit 4: The must have at least one matching swim suit each summer.
Outfit 5: The matching "BEST FRIEND" under ware.
Outfit 6: The quintessential white summer dress from Ella's MeMe.

Outfit 7: The funny best friend T-shirt! (one of at least 3!)
Outfit 8: The perfect lake matching outfit... life jackets for the water!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My kids are seriously OBSESSED...

...with Easton Perkins!
So the theme 12 months ago at the lake, was Ella pulling Addie's hair... without realizing it, we had TONS of pictures of it in action. This year, Carter and Addie could not get enough quality time with the newest Perkins. These pictures were not planned, this was us just grabbing the camera as fast as we could while they were in the moment...
I am not kidding, but during the picture below, Carter was quietly asking Easton, "Will you be my best friend?"
They were both very concerned about him and many times just wanted to be sitting by him while everyone else was playing.
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