Saturday, January 31, 2009

Swimming in January?!?!

We had such a fun night out on Saturday night with some close friends at Aaron's 6th birthday party! It was amazing to have both kids in the pool in the middle of the winter! Thanks Aaron for inviting us for such a cool night out!
Carter was a little hesitant for about 5 minutes about putting his head under but after he warmed up to it, you seriously could not keep him out of it. They had a great big slide that he went down on his own and didn't mind going under for that. He wore Blake out by the end of the night! We can't wait to spend tons of time in the water this summer!
Addie got to debut her new bathing suit.... so cute (this suit is size 24! I told her all swim suits run small!?!?!??!)
Julia and Addie got to have some great bonding time!
The fun White Family was in full force! That was the exact time 3 years ago to the minute that Ava was born.... Happy Birthday Ava! Blake, Carter and Addie had a blast at your party earlier that day!

Addie absolutely LOVED the water! She kept lunging for it if we were standing over it! Definitely a natural water baby!

Sweet Alli is Soon Going to be a Mommy!

This weekend, I got the joy of spending 24 hours in Houston with Alli to help host a beautiful shower for her and more than 40 of her closest girlfriends. It seems like just yesterday she told me she was pregnant but now she is so beautiful so pregnant with only 8 weeks to go.I love her and Michael's genuine excitement... it reminds me of just 2 1/2 years ago when Blake and I were at the same spot in life anxiously awaiting Carter's arrival. They ask questions and listen so intently to any advice I can offer.... I kept saying, "Oh... it's really no big deal." Alli would say "Oh, yes... it's a big deal.... let me write this down!" So sweet. She and Michael are going to make amazing parents and I can't wait to meet Trey!
Thanks Alli for a fun weekend and for a fun dinner out Friday night... you and Michael know how to pick the "hot" spots! Your new house is simply amazing and the nursery is so calming and comfortable... I love it!
I am so glad you got to see your little sis!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Back to Normal Never Felt So Good!

The last week has been so wonderful with Addie feeling so much better. We have just been having fun and playing. One thing we have noticed, now that she is back to 100%, is her appetite has significantly increased. And suddenly eating solid foods has become second nature and no problem at all. Like many things, Addie is on her "own time" and feels no pressure to be an over-achiever! We love it and love the fact we are still able to enjoy her snuggling and her being fairly calm and not as mobile quite yet!
Carter has simply been amazing and 24-25 months has quickly become my new favorite age for him! He has been such a joy to be around and listens so well. His attachment to "daddy" has decreased some and he actually has found out that mom is pretty cool to hang out with too!! ;)
Here are a few pics... and for you Me-Me, yes...we are all right down here... sorry it has been a week since I have updated the blog. I promise you, your babies are doing great and can't wait to see you!

Where did the ball go? Addie loves balls just as much as Carter!
The kids love playing in the game-room with some of their wonderful Christmas presents. We just pulled out the Ride and Spin Pony/TV video game from Macy and Marshall! Carter had fun practicing his shapes, colors and animals while bouncing.... even Addie wanted to try. This will be perfect for her in about 6 months!
Addie just relaxing with Maverick!
The ultimate fun... a ball-pit!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Where Were You on This Historical Day?

Addie was supposed to be doing a photo shoot for friend's new line of baby clothes, however that changed when we were told yesterday that we had have her admitted to the hospital from dehydration due to the nasty stomach virus over the last week..... so we did our own photo shoot....
She was in such a great mood the entire time we were there.... such a sweet hearted little girl... cool, calm and collected except when they put the IV in. This fun pic of her laughing with daddy was at 5AM this morning....

This was quite interesting... Addie is cleared to start eating a "bland" diet. After explaining she doesn't eat anything besides formula and rice cereal, this is what they bring up and seriously encourage me to get her to eat..... (that is an unseasoned boiled chicken breast and RICE!)

So we let her suck on the toast for a while.

Addie, thank our wonderful God, is doing great and we just got home and she is sleeping soundly after a long warm bath to wash all those hospital germs away!

But we will always remember where sweet Addie was on this big day in our nation's history...

Here she with her Ya-Ya watching the inauguration speech.

So when it was time to leave this afternoon, it was just way to weird to sit in that wheel chair and be wheeled out.... I decided I will only do that when I am bringing home a new baby! So, I went and got the car and allowed my mom to experience that feeling she felt nearly 30 years when she had me and rolled out of the very same hospital! ha ha, it was funny!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Fun Weekend of Birthday Party, Intense Potty Training & Tennis

We couldn't have asked for a better weekend. I got a fun girls' night and Blake, a perfect round of golf and in the midst of that.... we had our dear friend Barrett's 2nd birthday. "Balls" to Carter is what "Choo-choo trains" are to Barrett, so his mom did a terrific job planning the cutest choo choo train birthday party!
She hand-made the perfect cake! Happy Birthday Barrett!

Poor Addie has now been sick for 6 full days, but she can still let a smile out!This weekend was all about "potty training" for Carter. We can't believe the amount of interest and dedication he has shown. (Blake keeps saying he is his mother's son because it is somewhat ridiculous!) He stayed dry all day today, even during his nap... he really has #1 down well going 6-8 times during the day! However... number 2 has been a different story. We missed the opportunity Saturday while at the party so we tried and tried all day Sunday!
To make the #2 happen, we were popping Prunes like candy... here is Carter showing me his prune! His normal time of the day came and went and nothing came! But he would not give up OR GET OFF THE POTTY!!!!
Carter has "Aggie" the Bear that is learning to use the Potty with him... notice Aggie even got a sticker for using the potty!
This house-hold, the past week, could be on a commercial for Lysol products! Forget the "Gerber" baby, Addie has an audition for the "Lysol" baby!
Notice... her hair is starting to grow and definitely have some curl to it as well!

We always potty in the bathroom, however, today we spent so much time on the potty (2 hours STRAIGHT) this afternoon, that I had to have a change of scenery & Addie wanted to move around!!

This afternoon, it was so beautiful, that we spent the entire evening on the tennis courts next door. Carter loves the racket Me-me gave him last year!
But Maverick probably had the most fun!
Carter insisted on playing with daddy's full size racket!
Who knows... tennis maybe in his future!
Even Addie was showing a strong interest!
But of course, as always, her main interest his her 4-legged brother, Maverick!
Since we have let Carter's hair grow out some, we discovered that he definitely has some curl!

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