Monday, December 5, 2011

Week 5 Wrap Up

Day 18-20 of Week Five: Due to the back splash hold up, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty low key at the house. Bruce, our electrician, spent a ton of time here finishing up lighting and electrical work in the island and all the glass front cabinets. I had my own painter come Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday in the evenings to paint the main game room wall and super high stairwell. Although, he was referred by a good friend, I once again learned my lesson on not using Sandra's people. I payed 30% more than her guys quote and had to deal with him painting during prime time at home from 5-8 PM.

After living with my mom and step dad for the first three weeks, we moved home a couple of nights before Thanksgiving weekend and then headed to Dallas. After returning home from Dallas, we opted to try and stick out the last week without appliances at home, since we were plain just sick of living out of a suit case for the past FOUR weeks.

Sandra had told me, very seriously, the night before we began, that I love her and this process now. That it has been so exciting picking all these things out. She told me, I will love her and the process for a while and then I will get to a point that I will hate her and this remodel. She told me that was normal but that she 110% guarantees I will love her even more than ever the moment we are done.Day 21 - Thursday at 5PM we had a completely and totally and different home when we walked in and saw the paint completed. See, paint colors had been a relatively easy decision back about three weeks ago. But when it came time to put them on the wall, I started second and third guessing the colors.... one too dark??? Another way too light??!?!

As a result, I spent a few visits at Sherwin Williams having my new B.F.F., Saul, remix a custom version or two or three..... Thank goodness, the last minute second guess worked out perfectly. I trusted my designer Sandra on the darker color for certain areas, which I am madly in love with and trusted my own gut on the very lightest one, opting to go a slightly darker version for the main living room.

It is true, paint, makes the entire house look different. Pictures don't do the colors justice but one of the most exciting results was how the new warm gray walls, make the beige couch pop. It looks like a new piece of furniture.

Day 22 - By Friday, the back splash, had not made it to the Lone Start State. But the great news was Friday afternoon at 5 PM we had eight shiny appliances and they are amazing. It was a rainy and dreary day but the installers made our day by being on time and happy to be there. I can't begin to describe how close we are.
The new touch faucet... a last minute switch out.
Blake had this one filled with in about 10 minutes of it being plugged in.
So as every single week has been before, Week 5 ended on a super high note. Knock on wood, our very original completion date was this coming Friday, December 10... so cross your fingers, our carpenter has a lot of work left to do.... but he says that's the plan?!?!
I had just

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