Friday, March 30, 2012

Park City... we arrived!!!!

While boarding our 7AM flight to Salt Lake via Denver, the Captain invited Addie and Carter into the cockpit to see all the buttons and lights. What a way to start our vacation!
For Christmas, we invited Blake's mom to join us. It had been 35 years since she had skied and we knew she would have the best time with us in the snow!
In Denver, we only had a 30 minute layover so I let the kids burn some energy on the moving boardwalks.
The combination of an IPAD and a special treat of a Sprite is what it took to keep these kids happy!
Throw in the mountains outside the window and they were elated!
These landscape shots are brought to you by Carter Brown.
In the future, if the kids were to ever ask why their dad has to travel so much, it will be good to have these pictures to remind them of the benefits being out of town 2 days every single week will give you a few times a  year. We stayed 4 nights free in a Waldorf Astoria, two level, two bedroom suite with a FULL kitchen, living and dining room. Forget reminding the kids... I need to be reminded when I feel like he has been gone a ton!!!! ;)
 Forget the suite, soon after we arrived, Carter was at the door begging to go play in the snow... a theme common during the four day trip!!!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Worms, Puddles and A Little GIRL!!!!

A big part of being three is all about exploring, right???

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Friday, March 23, 2012

7 Year Anniversary

Just last week Blake and celebrated 7 years as man and wife. We started out the busy Monday with taking a little time over breakfast to watch back our video from the day. This was the first year the kids were REALLY into it. All four of us were glued to the TV rejoicing in the festivities. Addie did ask a few times, "Where am I... why aren't I in the videos?" I told her it was a very good thing she wasn't there!
A flash back to early 2005....

 All back together at the end of the day, we had a romantic picnic dinner in our front yard.
I know you are drooling with envy... but I wouldn't want it any other way!

Looking back over the last 7 years together, I would want Addie and Carter to know how much I LOVE and truly RESPECT their father. My feelings for him have grown stronger each and every year, especially in this last year. I want them to know that marriage is hard work at times, especially with super young kids around. A year ago, I don't think Blake and I would have felt that we were at a really great spot but on the other side of those less than ideal moments, we both see how hard work and putting energy into things that are not second nature to us, truly can greatly improve a stressed relationship, and therefore ultimately, make you even stronger.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I love this little boy...

...whom, just last night embarked on the 13 year ride of his formal education by attending Kindergarten Round-Up. He's so ready for this next step and because of that.... so are we!

So while the parents had a meeting in another area, the kids stayed in the auditorium and worked on a little performance for us! We slapped a name tag on our 3 year old and she passed for a kindergartner in a sea of five and six year olds! Come August, she will be devastated when she learns she really isn't starting kinder with Carter.... poor gal. ;( We know she's just as ready!!!!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lake Medina

 Although the 55 foot deep lake had dwindled down to a small river, we had a fantastic time exploring what is on the bottom of a lake!
 Lots of shells, bones and of course a couple of beer cans.
 Parts of the deepest part of the lake have enormous boulders.
 Thank you for having us Amanda and Zak.
 Addie declared herself as a GREAT rock climber by the end of the afternoon.
It was neat to see the kid's test their limits and we were surprised how many times they fell, scratched themselves all up, and yet seconds later, jumped up to make the next "find."
 Back at the house there was lots more bouncing and micro brewed beer, of course, served in true lake house fashion, in whatever you can find to pour it into!
 The Volz family have the ideal lake house mentality... laid back, whatever goes as long as everyone is safe and it's all about the time you have together & the memories you make. There was hardly any TV, shoes, cell phones or eating indoors. Just the way we LOVE it. Thank you for sharing your little oasis away from the real world with us.
 Washer fun...
 After a yummy dinner, we of course left room for Easter Peep Smores!
 Just an all around ideal weekend in the country.

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