Wednesday, November 30, 2011

End Of Days 8-9 (Week #2) - Post 7/15

But then Thursday came and finally, after two unprodictive day, some MAJOR progress was made...

1) The floors came in so they are acclimating and should be installed Monday
2) Sergio did all the taping and floating and drywall ALL day on Thursday and is set to come back and texture the following day. (Our kitchen has just turned the corner and I feel like after ripping out and making holes for 7 full days, we are starting the process of rebuilding.)
We don't have holes any longer.
The columns have been dry walled.
3) Blake and I picked out our pendant lights and ordered them. Since shipping was the same and we can return the ones we don't like, we ordered them in 2 different sizes to get them in the house before we decide.

4) Most excitedly, Sandra and I choose our color palette on this day! She dropped off, early in the morning, about 12 boards painted with different colors we had narrowed it down to and I packed them up and over lunch we met at the granite place to choose with the quartz. It was surprisingly easy process when you see all the colors next to one another and the different undertones they all had. We knew we wanted grey with warmer (browner) undertones since my overall color scheme to dark brown (hardwood floors,) white, beige (existing couch we love) and grey. It was surprising how many have olive and violet undertones some greys had. All the colors we decided on were all Sherwin Williams. The cabinet's color is INCREDIBLE WHITE, the light gray for the main living room is FUNCTIONAL GREY and the darker tone gray to be used in the dining room and entry is BACKDROP. Here are the paints with the counter top.
Overall a lot accomplished in a days time!

5) Sandra dropped off a mock up of the cabinets early on Day 9 and they look great.
Nothing else was accomplished on Day #9, as we decided to wait and texture once 100% of the holes had been made and old ones had been patched late next week when we decide on the last of the recessed lighting and pendents.

Next week, has promised to be a big one, with floors being finished Monday and Tuesday, cabinet bases being installed Wednesday, counter top templates being made on Thursday and our final big decision being made for the back splash. Even with a slower week to start, this 2nd week pressed on the gas pedal we are right on track and hope to have counters fully installed before Thanksgiving! We'll see....

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