Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Amazing Race: $300 at stake!

Meme is so good at being creative and if you remember we started a Thanksgiving tradition of the Newly Wed game a few weeks back. Over Christmas, we had a TEN stop Amazing Race style scavenger hunt through San Antonio that involved everything from skateboarding, dancing for neighbors, runs through HEB, TARGET and THE DOLLAR STORE, taking pictures of strangers in front of Lowe's, standing like a flamingo's in some stranger's home in Stone Oak, doing cartwheels in someone else's yard and Whataburger runs, just to name a few....

It was so much fun and the competitive juices really came out. With our twenty minute "San Antonio resident delay, our family came in second when we crossed the finish line at The Hardburger Dog Park!

Thanks Meme for such a fun event!

Giving out the first clue.

The Nash Family - The Before.

The Brown family ready to roll!

For the first task, the women had to skateboard around the block and their foot could not come off the board or you had to start at the beginning.

The second task involved our wonderful neighbors across the street. Each family had to go in one at a time and complete tasks like dressing up and singing certain songs.

One task involved getting a random couple to pose for a picture in front of Lowe's. Coincidentally, I think I went to elementary or middle school with this guy and had the hugest crush on him a million years ago. Kinda funny!

There were multiple puzzles along the way we had to finish in order to get the next place.

Way up in Stone Oak, Blake had to find some stranger's yard and take a picture standing like a flamingo.
In front of this fence, I had to do a cartwheel.

The race finished and we enjoyed a gorgeous morning at the park complete with a picnic lunch!

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