Thursday, December 16, 2010

Carter's Top 10 List at 4 Years Old: #10, #9 & #8

This the the 3rd year I have done this for Carter and is one of the posts I look forward to the most. Although it is truly bittersweet since it was 4 years ago to the hour Blake and I were packing our bags to leave for the hospital the next day.

As the day approaches that Carter turns 4 years old, we are trying to document his life now so we can always come back to this and get a clear picture of what Carter's life was all about at this exact age. So here it is.... as David Letterman would say, drum roll please....


10. Sleeping With Something. He has done this for quite a while, probably nearly a year, but EVERY SINGLE night he quickly chooses something important to him to sleep with. He knows it can't make noise and doesn't even try to play with it. He quickly turns over and holds whatever it is in his hand all night. He usually walks out of his room when his alarm clock says "7:00" AM  holding it in his hand still.

9. His Friends In His 4 Year Old Class This Year: This must be the age where boys really start to play together and rough house. He has about 8 little boy friends his class and they have stepped it up a notch as far as playing together or rather, running around like crazy together. All of us parents have had about 8 birthday parties together, in the last 3 months, to really get to see all of them in action! Good thing there are 6 adorable girls in his class to help keep all those boys in line.
8.TV Shows And Movies In General - No specific ones he watches on continuous replay. He likes Mickey Mouse Club House with Addie in the mornings and Polar Express, Letter Factory and Bolt are some of the rotated regulars in the car.  A few months ago before Halloween, I did make the mistake of introducing him to the real Batman Cartoon and he LOVED it and wanted to watch it non-stop however we cut out the habit of all realistic superhero cartoons about a month ago when we noticed a marked increase in his aggressiveness such as pushing and throwing his hands all around while both at home and at school. I have to say we saw an instant positive change!

To see past years, click 3 YEARS OLD or 2 YEARS OLD.

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