Friday, December 24, 2010

An Interview With Carter at 4

Conducted by me, his mom. I met with Carter on 12.23.2010 at our favorite spot, his comfy bed. My subject was dashing in one of his favorite gray basketball athletic pants and white "Mom's #1 fan" t-shirt and appeared quite interested in the interview as long as he had his long styrofoam bullet launcher in hand, throughout our meeting. We spoke on the record for about 13 minutes before his nap.

1. What were some of your favorite gifts that you got this year? "My Transformer named Bubble Bee."
2. Tell me what immediately comes to mind when I say these words? (He had a hard time with this one because he is so rule bound.) He really wanted to make sure his answers were "correct" and didn't quite get the concept! :) So cute!
Home: "Playing"
Favorite color: GREEN!!!
Sister: "Brother" (He thought we were doing opposites!)
Magic: "Wand"
Bedtime: "Stories"
School: "Friends"
Love: "Love Mommy"
3. What's the last think you were sad about? "A few minutes ago when Addie and I were taking Santa hat pictures, Addie wouldn't hug me or take a picture ear-to-ear." (That is what we call it when I try to get their heads together.) My sensitive little boy!
4. What makes you really really happy? "Presents! Candy! And when I put my Batman pajamas on!"
5. Are you scared of anything? "When I poop.... mom, don't write that down." (He recently over the last week has been constipated and dreads using the restroom. I know he will kill me one day for writing this, but it was too cute not to remember. "I am scared of being hit my car." (I secretly said YES!!! That is good.)
6. If you could have any animal in the world as a pet (besides Maverick and Smokey,) what would it be? "A duck." Really???? What else? "And a cow!" Why a cow?!!?? "You need a cow mom, so if you run out of milk, we will have some." You should live on a farm. "No then you wouldn't be there with me."
7. What do you think you would like to be when you grow up? "A Daddy!!!!" (Interestingly, he said this immediately without needing to think and loudly.) So precious.
8. Do you like your name? "Yes, I LOVE my name!"
9. Who's the last person you kissed? "Addie"
10. At what age is a person officially a grown-up? "Sixty-one." What will you do when you are grown up? I will go to work, go on an airplane and be able to kick a soccer ball really good."
11. What does mom and dad do at work all day? "Get money and you go on airplanes."
12. If you could always get everything that you want, do you think you'd always be happy? He only nodded sheepishly while smiling and quickly changed the subject.
13. What do you think heaven is like? "I think it is like school and our house, I think."

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