Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breakfast With Santa!

It was our dear friend Audrey's 1st Birthday and we were lucky enough to get invited to spend a long leisurely breakfast with the big red guy last weekend. With our past history of Santa visits, I really didn't have too high of expectations for our kid's this year. However, just when I go and think that, they go and totally surprise me...
They each wrote a letter to Santa before hand (which was included in the amazing invitation) and got to talk about what they wanted Santa to bring them. Carter asked for a Batman Cave and a Iron Man helmet and outfit. Addie clearly and simply stated she "wanted a new bed for her baby Marcie."
Carter was SO LUCKY to score a lucky seat RIGHT NEXT to Santa for breakfast so he got lots of time to get to know him before he had to sit on his lap! You have to hear the conversation Amelia got into with Santa. I was one of the lucky ones who got to hear it live.... hysterical!
Diane... from the detailed and amazing invitations to having the best Santa in the world there, from the custom hand made favors to the "WhoVille pass the present story time game," from the savory breakfast treats to the warm and welcoming environment, you out did yourself for one of the most unique and memorable parties I have ever been to! Thank you for including our family.

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