Thursday, December 30, 2010

"In 30 Years": My Letter to Carter At 4 Years Old.

My Amazing Carter Brown,

My annual letter to you at 4 years old is a bit different. I want to tell you your top 8 innate characteristics or personality traits, at this age, that I pray you continue to possess when you are a 30 year old man.

1. Your love for cuddling. Just yesterday morning, you came in our room and crawled in bed with us around 7:15AM and just wanted to cuddle. You even wanted to give me "Eskimo kisses," rubbing our noses back and forth. Your wife will be one lucky lady one day if you keep this up.

2. Your natural talent for teaching. It is remarkable to see you constantly trying to teach and explain things to Addie. You take it VERY seriously, for instance, I just watched you sitting next to her explaining how to hold a dart and how you play "darts." It melted my heart to watch her soak in every single word you said as if she was taking mental notes. People often comment on the things Addie can do at a young 2 years of age and it is 90% because she has you to learn from every single day.

3. Your helpful nature. You are constantly looking for opportunities to help us around the house. You love using the hand vacuum to pick up crumbs under the table, clean the floors with the spray cleaner or assist your dad with anything outside. This is something that you definitely have learned from your dad, as he is amazing at setting a strong example.

4. Your constant drive to do the right thing. Yesterday afternoon while we were at the lake house, your daddy was cutting back all the dead plants for YaYa and you were the perfect helper wanting to drag and cut everything exactly right. The funny thing was you kept asking him if you were doing it correctly. This strong attention to detail that we have consistently seen for a couple of years now, will do you more good than you know, as you climb the ladder in your future career.

5. Your amazing driving (seriously… like driving a car.) We were on a walk today and you were driving the automatic Gator and as your dad and I walked behind you, we were in AHHHH of how carefully you were paying attention to where you were, Addie beside you and making all your turns you took carefully. I pray, as your mom, at 16 years of age, you have this same focus.

6. Your patience. This is another one you get from your daddy and one that you have taught me much more of. You are a gold medalist in my books as you have gotten through 2.5 years of having Addie at your side 24/7 and you have hardly ever become annoyed or impatient. Being level- headed and enduring at stressful times will be another fantastic trait to have as you begin to have children of your own.

7. Your eye-hand coordination. We first noticed it around 12 months when you were consistently bouncing a large basketball 20+ times in a row and it has only become more apparent from there. We couldn’t help but notice when you were perfectly hitting a ball off a tee at 18 months, swinging one of your dad’s full size drivers at just over 2 years old and making solid contact with the tiny golf ball, being able to drop bounce a tennis ball and hit it over the net at 3 years, perfectly punting a football at 3.5 or hitting a softball tossed at you before your 4th birthday. We know you have a gift and I pray you continue to develop these skills throughout the rest of your life. I look forward to the day watching you teach your own children how to play all these sports.

8. Your love of laughter and being tickled. Your daddy and I can barely touch you without you busting out in the most infectious belly laugh. I pray your love for playing and laughter continues as I think it is healthy for a grown man to laugh and have fun with everything he does.

Carter, you are such a gift in every single way and I love you more than you will ever know. You have started to ask questions recently when I call you “my baby,” and we have had multiple discussions in the past few weeks explaining to you that you will always be my baby, no matter how BIG you get!

I love you,


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