Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Carter's 4th Birthday Party: Flying, Eating, Special Guest & Cake (Part 2 of 2)

All of Carter's friends lined up for a surprise. Carter didn't even know what was going on. I really didn't think he would go for it... but it was the first surprise of many.
Henry harnessed him up and UP he went... literally doing flips 30 plus feet in the air! He had a smile on his face the entire time. Way to prove me wrong!
Then it was time to eat. I had never seen so many red faces!
Suddenly, Blake and I heard something out and the gym and told everyone to come and look...
It was the REAL Spiderman!
Everyone dropped what they were eating and RAN out to see him!
I honestly can't describe the level of excitement in the room. There were kid's yelling, "It's really him... the REAL Spiderman!" The experience totally blew my expectations out of the water.
All of the excitement of the 60 people there was 100% due to the amazing job that Spiderman, a.k.a Michael Perkins, did. He has little ones talking about the REAL Spiderman weeks later. Carter Brown is so lucky to have such a cool God Father and someone silly enough to totally get into character.
He was a little apprehensive at first.
If I could only have 1 picture from the ENTIRE party... this HANDS DOWN, would be it. For 2 reasons. The first, only those at the party will know! Secondly, the genuine look of "ahh" and happiness on Carter's face to see the SUPERHERO he talks about so much. I just LOVE it. 
Spidey was even nice enough to come and help sing happy birthday to Carter and blow his candles out!
The Spidey started throwing out some "gang" signals as he patiently took pictures with almost every single adult and child there.
If I could only keep 2 pictures of this party... this would have to be the second! Addie wasn't too afraid of Spidey, rather just upset she had to get up from eating her peice of cake. I guess you can say she was kinda skeptical of the man in spandex!
Happy Birthday to our sweet Carter Brown... we sure got lucky with you!


The Perkins Family said...

Geez, Spidey is smokin' hot!!!

dorisgold said...

Ummm......I don't know about smokin' hot - ha - but what a GREAT sport!!! I love you, Michael David!!!

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