Friday, December 31, 2010

Addie Memorable Events - 2010 (19-31 months old)

In deceding order of age:

Great mood and stage except the last 7 days of giving us the hardest time going to bed at night. Tries to stall and ask for anything and everything instead of going to sleep. Won't get out of bed but SCREAMS uncontrollably for 45 minutes repeating whatever she last wanted that we didn't give into. Have tried everything, even letting her cry it out to no avail. After 45 minutes, we go in and lay next to her and pat her and she will usually calm down enough to pass out around 9:15 or 9:30. - Just over 2.5 years UPDATE just 7 days later. Started rewarding her with a small piece of candy first thing in the morning if she went to bed easy. We talk about it while going to bed. We also got in much more of a routine about singing nursery rhymes in a order where she knows when I leave the room. "Baa Baa Black Sheep, Twinkle Twinkle and Rock-a-by Baby." It helps if I lay in bed with her for 3-5 minutes more just rubbing her back and talking to her about ideas to fall asleep. I then tell her "I need to check on Bubba." and she is okay. 31 months

Loving books more and more. I love when we ask her to say long big words like "Metamorphosis!"- 2 1/2 years old

Addie stick a ROCK in her nose at school and the director had to stick plyers up there to get it out - 29 months

PERSONALITY UPDATE at 28.5 months: Random MAJOR tantrums are still occuring usually at night (when tired & doesn't get her way about something little) and it quickly develops into MAJOR (45 minute hysterical fit where it seems like she isn't able to listen or understand even if we are trying to do what she is yelling, like reading a book.") We must distract her at perfect time to get her to calm down. She is very routine oriented as far as having to read a book at night or nap NO MATTER WHAT. - 28.5 months

Memory and sentence building growing by leaps and bounds and UNITING. Example from tonight as she was randomly talking as I was patting her while she was going to bed "Last time Daddy didn't wash his hands and he got sick with cough." (Just like this. I had said this 1X to her over 5 days ago when explaining why we always must wash our hands/" - 28.5 monhts

Big into understanding and constantly talking and asking about "Is Bubba's momma Addie's momma?" Is Bubba's daddy Addie's?" (Worded JUST like that! - 28.5 months

Big into talking about everyone who is a "girl" and who is a "boy," ver accurate - 28 months

Becoming much more of a mommy's girl :) - 28 months

Completely transformed her nursery to a BIG GIRL room and bed. She has stayed in her new bed with no rails for almost 2 weeks without getting out of bed AND has stayed dry ALL night for almost 3 weeks!!!!- 27.5 months

Over the last 4-5 weeks, we have noticed dramatic change in maturity of Addie. Her overall behavior has consistently been good except for occassional (3-4 times/wk) meltdowns mostly when tired. This is such a massive change from a year ago. - 27-28 months

Addie has had lingering cough for about 2 weeks, several kids had viral cough going around and we were so excited when for the first time, it didn't develop into anything worse as it always had for Addie in the past however the cough stayed around and then last week got worse at night, waking her up crying, very dry, like "seal like" cough but with NO OTHER symptoms or runny nose. Took her to Dr. day before Labor Day weekend to see. Dr said both tubes in and ears look perfect although her right tube was moving some (no big deal.) Breathing was fine, no wheezing, oxygen levels at 99%. Dr. said probably allergies with weather change b/c they have seen more recently. Try to do Nasonex nose spray to help and said there were "greenish" gunk way up in nose so could possibly be slight sinus infection. Gave her 10 Days BID if Amoxicillian and I asked for Steroid in case cough got worse over holiday. She gave us 3 doses of Prednisolone (I only gave her 1 dose on 1st day). 4 day follow up... cough got better within 1-2 days (don't know what it was.) - Sept 3, 2010 27 months

"WHY?" "WHY?" "WHY?" to EVERYTHING and always asking "Whatcha doing?!?!" - 27 months

Can put socks and shoes on 100% by herself - 27 months

VERY VERY affectionate with everyone from the dogs, to us, Jack to Ella, ANY baby she can get her lips on (Easton, Rose, Cali, Reese.) She is a very affectionate little girl. - 27 months

Swimming under water with out floaties, holding breath for at least 5 seconds under water, diving off driving board with NO floaties (with us assiting her to ladder.) She is swimming almost as good as Carter this summer, 17 months younger - 26.5 months

Addie continues to be EXTREMEMLY strong willed and if she doesn't get her way with the tiniest thing, it turns into a dramatic meltdown where we usually put her in her room and close the door. She screams and cries for sometimes 15-20 minutes at the top of her lungs and won't calm down even if we try to go in and sit with her. Over the last month, we have found that she must calm down alone and she will suddenly stop crying, snap out of it, open the door and be perfect for the rest of the night. She recently even started coming out and immediatley saying "sorry" to Blake or I. - 26.5 months

Addie and Carter suddenly at FIRST HORRIBLE stage of not getting along over last 10 days (very stressful on Blake and I.) It is mainly Addie hitting or scratching Carter for NO REASON and I think the difference is Carter is finally sick of it) - Addie: 26 months and Carter: little over 3 1/2 (Follow up after 10 days: suddenly the issues went away and totally back to normal and in many ways they are getting along better than ever. They have full conversations with each other now and love "skating" together wearing socks through out the house's hard wood floors.

First Visit to ALLERGIST/ASTHMA Specialist - Dr. Dilley: Addie got skin test and is allergic to: Lingustrum, Mesquite, Mulberry, Short Ragweed, 3 mold spores, DUST MITES, CATS, beef, chicken, chocolate, MILK, ORANGE, PECANS, RICE. We are contining Zyrtec & Sigulair, changing Flovent to Advair (better for night time cough.) He also started her on 4 days of Steroid again (Orapred15mg/5ml) and 10 days of 2X/day Omnicef in case she has a slight sinus infection due to colored stuff coming out of nosse. We are going to take down curtains & vacuuming room everyday, STOPPING ALL MILK, oranges, pecans, chocolate and not make any significant changes with beef, chicken and rice right now to see how she does. - 26 months (UPDATE 72 hours later: Addie's cough is 90 percent done with jsut all milk items removed from diet... AMAZING)

Really attached to her baby "Marcie." MeMe and her named her a month ago and it has really stuck. She wants Marcie and a blanket with her at all times - 26 months

Loves the color PINK - 26 months

Loves the show Super Why on PBS - 26 months

Moved up to Mrs. Cissy's, Rachel's and ? room (24-30 month room) with out any problems with Ella P, Ella M, & Jack - 25 months

Over heard her several times in last week counting by herself to "11" with out missing any (why 11... cute) - 25 months

Woke up with sudden steady cough during the day and woke up for the 1st time in several months coughing (while we were out of town in Miami.) Ya-Ya took her into Dr. McCray Friday morning and she heard substantial wheezing and said defintely asthma perhaps brought on by allergies. 1.) Rx'd her Albuterol or Xopenex treatments every 3 hours for 1 day, then every 4 hours and try to spread out more over week. 2.) Prednisolone (Steroid) - 1 tsp/day for 4 days. PREVENTION: 3.) Flovent - 2 puffs 2X/day every day (she will not use inhaler with spacer at all.) 4.) Omnaris - nasal spray for allergy control 2 sprays on each side of nose 1X/day (she hates the nose spray.) 5.) Continue Zyrtec 2X/day. Ears okay at visit, shared with her night time cough over last 3-4 months, rubbing red eyes and sneezing the last couple of weeks. Dr. McCray said to remove all bumpers and stuffed animals, which we did. Cough has sig. decreased by Sunday with just a few bouts on Tuesday all day. Mon & Tues - we did Albuterol/Xop 3X a day. - 25 months UPDATE 5 days later: Doing breathing treatments only 2X a day, finally got to take Flovent with Chamber 2X/day and doing well, still will not do nose spray. At follow up w/ Dr. Jacobson, we started Singulair at night for allergy/asthma prevention and following up with Dr. Dilley for allergy testing in 10 days UPDATE 10 days later: Doing albuterol only 1X a night to control/prevent night time coughing

Switched Pediatricians from Scott Cuming to Brandy McCrae (much closer to home.) - 24 months

We think she is teething and getting molars - dramatic drooling for 4-5 days and for a couple days, she wanted hand or anything in her mouth - 24 months

Schedule/Routine at 24 months: Wakes up around 7 and will contently roll around in bed for at least 20 minutes. (Not attempting to crawl out of crib yet) and gets up and goes potty. Bfast at home (cereal, oatmeal, eggs, fruit, etc..), play time and get dressed (not picky about what she wears yet.) Not into TV at all. Get ready to "load up" or go upstairs to play on mornings I am off work. Taking very regular naps at daycare on standard matt for avg 2 hours (12:30-2:30) and wakes up and snack. Staying dry all day long everyday at school. I think they take them 9AM, 11, after nap, and 5. Comes home and knows to take shoes off at door and first thing we do is scrub our hands! ;) Play time out back until dinner is ready. Dinner at 5:30 or 6. Play time until 7:15, bath time and read books at 8, lights out usually 8:15-8:30. We are trying to move closer to 8 sharp. Likes to read "3 Little Bears," kiss everyone including dogs "night night" and be covered with her large white minky dot blanket and "patted" to sleep for at least 3-4 minutes. Doesn't usually wake up at night at all and doesn't usually stay dry since we still do allow her to drink what she wants before bed time. - 24 months

Confidently knows her 10 primary colors - 24 months

For the time being most tantrums and melt downs have disappeared in last 2 months. She hasn't been to "timeout" in over 2-3 weeks (at home) and instead we give her choices. We are using Love and Logic principles, which is all about making choices and living with them, VERY successfully (so far), working well with her. She still is 1-2X/week trying to bite Carter when frustrated but it has dramatically dropped off. - 24 months

Loves singing ABC's ALL the time - while she goes to bed and when she wakes up, can count to 5 on own and to 10 with a tiny bit of help, knows confidently all her primary colors - 24 months

2 YEAR WELL-VISIT: 30 lbs (80%) & 36" (95%) Doing above avg developmentally. Told him about 2 times this summer we have put alcohol drops in left ear after swimming and she screamed in severe pain for an hour. He said it was due to tubes... We should NEVER put alcohol in ears with tubes, makes alchol go into middle ear and stings like crazy. Left ear did have a little fluid but not infected. Going to do try to do 1X day drops to get it unplugged.

She has been wearing panties to school ALL DAY EVERYDAY for almost 3 weeks with NO ACCIDENTS, telling us proactively many times however we still have her go every 2 hours and before we leave to go some where. Staying dry some nights hasn't gone #2 in pants in 4 months. She still gets a M&M if she tells us proactively - 24 months

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