Friday, December 17, 2010

Carter's Top 10 at 4 Years Old: #7, #6 & #5

7. Ketchup! On anything and everything! He would eat it with a spoon if we let him. Thank goodness I found out they make reduced sugar ketchup so I can more freely allow him to shovel his chicken nuggets in it.

6. Coloring and Writing His Name- For the last 9 months, he has been writing his name and he wants to do it every chance he can. Every day, he brings home 4-5 papers with his name written all over it! Coloring is something we have all noticed including his teachers, that he is really good at. Several months ago, I noticed none of pictures had scribble outside of the lines. He really takes his time to make it perfect.

5. Mommy & Daddy One of the favorite parts of my day is if Blake picks up the kids in the afternoon and I am already home working in the office, I hear the door open and the first thing Carter yells is "Mom?!?" Then he and Addie run in to where ever I am and give me the biggest hug. Carter usually immediately starts telling me all about his day. Carter is such a sweet and loving little boy and I love just cuddling with him and talking.... AND SHOPPING! He has recently turned into the PERFECT shopping buddy. I can tell him what I am looking for and he will scour the aisles trying to find exactly what I said and usually does!

Whether it be bonding time at the driving range, in the backyard playing t-ball or soccer before dinner or on the couch, Carter loves to help his daddy with anything he asks! 

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