Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Best Friends Wouldn't Let The 31st Go Uncelebrated!

It really is true that once you have kids, your own birthdays seem to wither away almost unnoticed especially when you have your first born son's AMAZING Spiderman party less than 5 days after.

However Mike and Megan exceeded their duties of our best friends and insisted on cooking for me for my birthday! I was so shocked and honored that they wanted to do it for me again after last year's high bar was set and honestly was going to give them until 40 before they had do to it again. They are too good to me... thanks guys!

PS... Note the rare picture of me in glasses and the fact that my eyes are starting to go at the age of 31. Two weeks now of not being able to wear contacts due to lack of oxygen to the eyes! It really is all down hill from here! ;)

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