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Carter's Milestones in 2010 (3 years old)

Carter's Milestones in 2010 (3 years old)

MEDICAL:While at ped. for first time in over a year, Dr. McCray noticed Carter's right tube in his ear from 3 YEARS ago dislodged and behind ear drum. Had same day 3PM appt. with Dr. Nau (ENT) and he said that was the first time he has EVER seen that happen. Out patient surgery schedule 12.20.10 to remove. - 5 days before 4th bday

MEDICAL:103 temperture otherwise in pretty good mood Sunday, woke up in middle of night Sunday night with high temp. Positive for strep throat, Rx'd 10 days of Omnicef. - 5 days before 4th bday

4th Birthday Party - Arial Gymnastics with a Spiderman theme. HUGE SUCCESS! (Very first birthday party outside of our home!) - 4th Birthday

Visit with Santa was a SUCCESS for the very first time! His 4th Christmas, Carter showed hardly any timidness and got to eat breakfast right next to Santa and then jumped up on his lap picture perfect! A far cry from the last 3 years. - Just before 4 years old

UPDATE from most recent "aggressive" post - Carter has not watched cartoon Batman or anyother superhero realistic cartoons in over 3 weeks and his agression has all but disappeared.... could be a coincidence?!?!?

Over last 2-3 months we have noticed him getting slightly more aggressive with Addie and his friends when he is playing, purposly running into them, throwing a little elbow sometimes. He is in a class of majority of boys in his new 4 year old room they seem to play well overall but are getting into the "boy stage" of rough housing much more. We are really staying on him at home reminding him what is and is not appropriate. - just before 4 years old

Obsessed with Batman and Spiderman. Constantly has "cape" on usually his red ELMO hooded bath towl for hours every day. Sleeps with a minature Batman and Spiderman figurine. LOVES to watch Batman movie and cartoon. Constantly running around house pretending to be a super hero! - 3 yrs and 7 months and on

Carter's VERY FIRST TRIP TO THE MOVIE THEATER WAS AT EXACTLY 3 years old for Alvin and The Chimpmunks - The Squeakel with Cash McPeak (he was perfect!), 3 months later he saw SHREK III and at 3.5 years he saw TOY STORY III 3D (which was too scary for him! He burried his head into my shoulder for the entire 2nd half!)

Addie and Carter suddenly at FIRST HORRIBLE stage of not getting along over last 10 days (very stressful on Blake and I.) It is mainly Addie hitting or scratching Carter for NO REASON and I think the difference is Carter is finally sick of it) - Addie: 26 months and Carter: little over 3 1/2 (Follow up after 10 days: suddenly the issues went away and totally back to normal and in many ways they are getting along better than ever. They have full conversations with each other now and love "skating" together wearing socks through out the house's hard wood floors.)

First Sports Camp - Dominion Mighty Muscles with Macy and Marshall for a week 9-3PM with no NAP!! He did GREAT and LOVED it - 3.5 years

Moved up to Ms. Nancy's room from Ms. Sandy's right at 3.5 years old

First sleep over with Ya-Ya and Grandpa at Lake with Marshall and also the first night with Aunt Erin at her apartment - June 2010 (3.5 years old)

Confidently with out ANY pauses can count to 40, stumbles on 50, but knows sixty. I am working on 70, 80, 90 to 100 with him. - 41 months

Swimming this summer has been awesome, he isn't afraid to get his ears wet. Although he isn't going under water for long periods of time, he is virtually swimming the width of the big pool and back with no assistance from us with his floaties on - 41 months

Comes up to me and holds up his indez finger and says, "I have an idea mom..." to tell me what he wants to do. (So cute!) - 40 months

Playing in first YMCA Soccer League with Cash - 39 months

Obsessed with "basketball pants" over the last month, which are actual athletic SHORTS with holes in them, but don't let him catch you calling them shorts! - 39 months

Began his first YMCA soccer team with Cash McPeak - he totally gets the concept of the game, pays attention at practice. He scored 2 goals during first game - 1 for his team and one for opposing team - 39 months

Blake and I want to hit "pause" on this age for Carter. He is so incredible except 1-2 short mini (30 second) meltdowns a day if something doesn't go his way exactly - 39 months

Will run up to you and tell you "something," usually a very detailed account of something he just saw or did. It is so cool because he talks to passionately and clearly about the topic - 39 months

Understands that daddy is out of town for this entire week, spoke with daddy on the phone everyday and it was no big deal (he never got upset). He did ask 2X a day EVERYDAY what day he was coming back though - 38 months

LOVES TV and would sit and watch his kid's shows for HOURS if we let him, he gets in a "zone," we have noticed recently. If TV isn't on, then no big deal, out of sight, out of mind and he will shoot basketball/dribble for hours at a time (again) at this age - 38 months

Minor but consistant problems at school in Ms. Sandy's class on many days with time-outs not listening, "tackeling" other kids, etc... - we are taking away all balls and other favorite toys at home when this happens. - since right at 3 years old & continues at 38 months

Contines to LOVE sleeping with balls at night ever since a few months after his second birthday when he lost interest in his little blanket and pacifier - 38 months

After 3rd basketball game... YMCA refferee came up to me and told me that although he is clearly the youngest out there and by far the smallest... he has the most "heart" for sure and he would take that any day. (Talking about how much Carter goes after the ball not afraid of the much bigger kids 2X his size!) - 37 months

37 months to the day - wrote his name "CARTER" all together VERY LEGIBLE for the VERY FIRST TIME!!!

Cute Carter Phase - 37 months - VERY into writing all letters using the Aquadoodle Mat

Cute Carter Phase - 35 months - always confirms before you walk out the door after tucking him in that "you will be back at 7?"

Cute Carter Phase - 36-37 months, Wants to look at the digital clock and actually see the time before he goes for nap or to bed.

Follow up with Dr. Nau (ENT) from ear infection 2 wks ago. Ears perfectly clear and Carter acting like a different child, much less fussy and whiney - 37 months

A call from daycare during nap (1/7/10) saying Carter complaining of right ear hurting and not able to sleep and crying. (This complaining has randomly been going on since the summer 1-2X a week for brief periods always with the right ear.) We took him Dr. Nau the next day where they did ear pressure test and found both ears were -250 range (normal up to -180.) Dr. Nau said right ear tube is gone and that it does look somewhat infected. Going to to antibiotic for 10days and see if all pain goes away.) - nearly 37 months

Suddenly his blatter 1 month before his 3rd birthday could easily last all night and through the morning and no more waking up at 5-6AM needing to pee - 3 years old

3 YEAR WELL CHECK UP STATS: Weight 33.5 lbs (50th%) Height 38.5 " (75%)

Follow up at ENT 2 years after tubes being placed in, both still visible. RIGHT one has fluid around it and Dr. Nau wants to see back in 3 months to evaulate if we need to take it out (they normally don't like to leave in past 2 years.) His LEFT tube is almost about to fall out, which he said it fine. - 36 months

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