Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hot Dogs and Apple Pie to Celebrate 2 1/2!

It's a big tradition to celebrate Addie and Ella's "half" birthdays and this weekend couldn't have been better. It had been several weeks since all four of the kids had been together and they were anxiously awaiting Friday night to come! Although we completely forgot about doing their annual 1/2 birthday hat pictures, we were able to snap some great ones from a great night.
Carter and Ella with evidence of apple pie and ice cream.
Carter was very attached to Mike and very affectionate wanting to just hang on him. So sweet.


dorisgold said...

I adore the picture of Carter, Addie and my sweet great niece & nephew in the GAP jackets - so cute!

Emily Suzanne said...

Those GAP pictures are adorable!!!

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