Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions!

After our annual Mexican food Christmas Eve dinner with the family at our house, it was time to get serious about making sure Santa had the best of the best cookies to snack on. Marshall WHEELED in all the cookie decorating materials and Aunt Erin made sure they were baked perfectly! Aunt Julie assisted Addie the entire HOUR she decorated and multi-tasked by TEXTING back and forth with Santa to find out when he would be here and what his favorite cookies were!!! Addie saw the bottoms of some of the burned ones and said. "Look! Chocolate!"
We were all amazed at how much Addie LOVED decorating cookies and how much time she spent focusing. We have dozens of pictures of her concentrating so much squeezing the frosting or making sure the perfect sprinkles were in place with her tongue out the entire time.
Carter LOVED it too however the one thing he LOVED more that we had a hard time tearing him away from was....
...his cousin Marshall. They would rather play dodge ball than decorate cookies for more than 10 minutes!
But Addie was happy as a lark and it wasn't until we ran out of all 48 cookies and slowly started taking the icing bottles away one-by-one an hour later, that we got her to step away from the cookies!
Carter and Addie each picked out their VERY favorite for Santa.
After everyone had left, we wrote our note to Santa and put out his cookies, carrot sticks and cold milk.
Then at 9:35 PM, after an incredible evening, they willingly hopped into bed to read the traditional book of "THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!" We write in it every year what time we read it and where we are. It was neat to look back and see "4:10 AM 12.25.2006 - Mommy and Daddy read to Carter in our bed during his feeding." Carter was just 7 days old.

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