Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2 Christmas Parties... Night and Day Difference!

Friday's night was so exciting to pull out the fun Christmas semi-formal attire and literally walk a street over to some of our wonderful couple friends who threw their second annual wine tasting holiday party. The dancing was JUST GETTING STARTED when we were leaving at 11:30!
The next night's party was a "Jersey Shore" party and I have to honestly say that I have NEVER watched an episode. I was a little hesitant about this party in the weeks before but decided that Carter and Addie, one day, would get a kick out of these pictures. As I walked into Forever 21 last week, I pulled up this picture to figure out outfits for Blake and I.
Our version of JWOWW and The Situation with 2 kids....
You can't tell but Blake's shirt is see-through! There were enough fake orange tans, "bump-its," tight muscle t-shrits, chains, hysterical belt buckles and goddy outfits to make us all say, "We are glad we don't live in the Northeast and this be a typical Saturday night outfit on the town!"
The 125+ people there were 100 percent in character which made it such fun!
We were thrilled when Anthony won the costume contest.
Blake chilln' outside in the 20 degree wind chill... he was too  hot to let that cold front bother him!

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Jessica Tondre said...

Girl, you looked hot in your sparkly little Forever 21 find! Fun party theme!!!

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