Saturday, December 18, 2010

Carter's Top 10 At 4 Years Old: #4, #3, #2 & #1

4. Reading Books -  His favorites are any "I SPY" like book where he finds things in pictures. He loves Bernstein Bears Spooky Tree or any superhero book.

3. Being Outside Playing ANY sport he can!
2. His Sister! - Believe it or not, if she is not by his side, he is asking "Where is Addie?"  Whether it be side by side doing the "hot dog dance" in the morning, running to each other's rooms at daycare to get one another, always reading books side by side or pretending to make Santa Claus beards with bubbles during bath time or playing hide and seek from the dogs, these two are connected at the hip at this age!
1.Superheros and anything that has to do with superheros. Any little toy that they are on, from a cheap plastic cup, figurine, T-shirt or PJ's, it doesn't matter! It is like GOLD to this 4 year old!
Other favorites: Babies... Cali, Rose, Easton or any other baby he comes in contact with, he is instantly glued to their side.
Schedule & Behavior: Carter is still our excellent sleeper. Continuing the trend of NEVER once giving us 1 hard minute of going to bed, he retires to bed at around 8:15-8:30 and pretty much is always up super happy right at 7AM. He has an alarm clock and watches it until it shows "7:00" and just in the last 5 months gets out of bed on his own to come and find us. (We stopped using a monitor in his room about 5 months ago when his broke which is when we started letting him get out of his bed in the mornings.) His favorite breakfast items are LIFE cereal, sausage or bacon and oatmeal. He loves his class at school and looks forward to going everyday and specifically asks us to pick him up at "5!" He is very into telling time. He is pretty well behaved at school but has his moments of not listening or occasionally pushing a friend but with consistent communication with his teachers of the specific events and having some of his favorite little toys taken away from him for the evening, he very rarely has a problem at school the next day. Being our VERY rule bound child, he continues to remind Blake and I of things we said 6 months ago. For the last 5 months, every time we say, "Oh my gosh," he quickly corrects us and asks us to say "Oh my goodness!" We are going with it and find it quite amusing at how consistent he is. He plays in the afternoons after school, outside if possible, before dinner. He has a really good appetite and will eat ANYTHING we serve although, we have noticed he must be exposed to a new food item regularly before he eats it up quickly, like tilapia. The rule is that you have to try one bite of EVERYTHING and you can NEVER EVER spit anything out unless you are choking! If you don't eat the dinner you are served, you don't get anything else before bed time except vegetables or fruit anytime! He loves bath time and for the most part doesn't mind getting his ears wet, like he did last year. He will even go completely under water in the bathtub and hold his breath for a SMARTIE! (We are trying to keep up all his progress made this summer in the swimming pool.) We read a lot of books together and he loves puzzles. He chooses something to sleep with, turns on his noise maker and his head hits his "green pillow" and our little man is out like a light! (Now, if he could only pass on some of that to his little sister!)

Favorite Toys: Transformer, Batman cave and little figurines, and balls.

Friends: Cash and 8 other little boys in his room. In the last 3-4 months, they have all started to play rougher and rougher with each other.

Personality - SO rule bound, reminding us of things we said lat 6 months ago. So sensitive if he is at all tired, his eyes filling up with enormous crocodile tears with in 2 seconds. This night, when Ya-Ya said she had to leave, Carter instantly welled up with tears and could hardly contain himself.

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