Thursday, November 24, 2011

Decisions, Decisions (Post 1/15)

Just because we weren't at our breaking point, both working, raising 2 young children and deciding to embark on running a full marathon for fun, we decided to test ourselves and throw in a little project around the house.

Mid August (about week 4 of our 16 week marathon training,) Blake and I finally made the formal (out loud) decision that we weren't going to move. See, we had always said that if for any reason we were going to want to move, we wanted to do it before Carter started Elementary School. Blake and I both grew up going to the same schools with the same core friends and it was important for us to do this for Carter and Addie if we could help it. 

With this decision (which wasn't ever even a hard decision to make) behind us, we felt like it was time to make our house our longer term dream home.

I knew I needed the help of a designer and even though I knew one, I was nervous about making the first call. Really nervous. I called my girl friend Alli to get her opinion and she gave me the confidence to place the first call to Sandra.

I placed the first call the first week of September (week 6 of training) and it has been VERY steady progress since that point.

Sandra came over for a long meeting on September 12 (week 8 of training.) I had millions of pictures including at the time, a 15 page color print out packet of my overall look and feel I wanted. I am pretty sure I am the first client of hers to have this kind of detail on meeting #1. With the help of Pinterest, I was well on the way planning.

See, we LOVE LOVE LOVE, every single thing about our home and utilize each area in our home EXCEPT one. There is about 180 square feet that is prime real estate, however it is also the most under utilized area, hands down, of our home. For over 3 years, Blake and I had talked about what we would do if we stay in this house....

Let's just say, walls are coming down!!!!

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