Monday, November 21, 2011

During The Race Up To Mile 21.

The first ten miles went by in a snap. Seriously. We were so busy watching the other runners, taking in the sights of down town and watching the amazing crowds filled with hysterical signs like, "Run Your Race Better Than Perry Has Run His," "26.2 Because 26.3 Is Just Crazy!" "My Wife Ran 26.2 Miles This Morning, What Did Yours Do?"

I loved the fact that I was taking in everything... not focusing on me running or my body, but yet my surroundings. The volunteers were AMAZING and every mile there were some lined up just before water stations holding sticks and packets of salt, yelling "SALT!" Blake and I had talked earlier in the run and even though we had never trained taking salt, we decided we should do it with the extreme heat and humidity that morning. Blake ran ahead and grabbed some salt and we met up a few minutes later after getting some water and he said while repetitively spitting, "What kind of salt is that? It's like jelly." I told him the sticks had Vaseline on them for chaffing." He had EATEN Vaseline.... as I guess the SALT packet guy was yelling louder than the Vaseline guy was standing next to him. It was too funny and provided a funny moment around mile 7.

I did get so carried away in giving the kids along the sides high fives and telling the hundreds and hundreds of volunteers thank you, that I nearly twisted my ankle in our city's wonderful selection of pot holes a couple of times. Running this race had been so amazing and so easy. Easy until the heat set in around mile 16 or 17 (10:40ishAM), that's when Blake and I both realized that this wasn't going to be that easy to the end. By that point, we were way south of downtown on Mission Rd probably in front of one of the missions.

I think this was around mile 19!!!
We slowed our pace and I was confident that the tortoise would win this race. See I had never trained in the day light hours, much less the extreme heat advisory we were in with the humidity in the air. All my runs were at 5AM and even the longest ones, were over soon after the sun's arrival. Even with a hat, glasses and SPF 40 on my face, I looked like a tomato the following day.

We kept running because we knew what we had waiting at mile 21 - OUR BIGGEST FANS!!! I can't tell you how much it meant to have BOTH our MOMS, our kids, my sister - Erin, The Perkins and The Putnicki's there waiting on us and cheering us on.
Everyone had their eyes peeled looking for us.
The girls assumed their positions on the side of Mission Rd at Southcross.

They told us later, they thought they saw us a dozen times before we actually got there.

Everyone had spent an amazing amount of time and energy making us signs that we will always remember.
For some reason, I have a tear in my eye, looking at this one, even a week after the fact...
Carter with the sign he and his teachers made for me that week before at school.

I spotted my mom way far away and when she saw us, she ran to the others to let them know, we were really there! I love this picture of her trying to alert the group...
We had smiles on our face at mile 21!

I love Addie's smile here. I pray she will always see that she can achieve ANYTHING she sets her mind to in life.

Thank you to Megan Perkins for documenting this amazing event in our life and we are off... only 5 more miles to go!!!


Brooke said...

I literally laughed out loud at the vaseline story - that is CLASSIC! Can't wait to hear about miles 21-26.2 :)

Amanda said...

I LOL when I read about Blake eating the Vaseline, and cried when I saw your cheering section. What you two did was an amazing feat, and a great example for your kids. Congrats (again)!

Jessica Tondre said...

What wonderful pictures of this momentous feat!

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