Saturday, November 26, 2011

Day 1-3: It has started!! Post 4/15

Tuesday morning, for the VERY last time, Blake unloaded the dishes from the horrendous dishwasher that hasn't truly washed dishes or dried them in over two years and I used our very tempermental microwave, to cook the kids oatmeal.
Day 1: Nov. 1, 2011: 9AM - Our door bell rang on the dot and Gene, John John, Bruce (our electrician) and Sandra arrived together with drop clothes in hand and by the time I returned home at 4:30PM to check in on the progress, EVERYTHING WAS GONE, except the half wall studs. The ceiling needed to be reinforced before taking it down completely. The only surprises day 1 was the way the framers had framed part of the dining room ceiling over 10 years ago and remnants of a little furry friend in our kitchen wall. Gene thought there was a a little mouse living in the wall and we decided to call a pest control to come in while all the kitchen walls were open. I was amazed the first day at how overall clean the area was. Sandra's guys were constantly sweeping and really made it priority to respect the house and keep it as clean as they possibly could.
Taken, standing in the breakfast room looking toward the front door entry.
Looking from the entry into the house.
Standing in the living room near the back hall way door looking into the kitchen.

Day 2: Nov. 2, 2011: Gene and John John finished demo and reinforced ceiling and took down half wall. They also added the beams to drop the tray ceiling in the dining room so it would be flat like the rest of the house. The plumbers were there in the afternoon capping off the water from the original refrigerator place and ran a tube for ice maker to dining room, shortened the sink plumbing and put the water in for the new refrig. placement. Tony and Sandra were here first thing in the morning for him to discuss the floors. The only minor issue today was the plumber installed the refrigerator water supply about 3 feet away from where it should me. The house today was much dustier with the plumbers there but I was shocked to find out that Sandra and her daughter Beth, had come by the house after 6PM to lock up, as they do each day and stayed and cleaned all the floors. She was on the phone immediately with the plumbers letting them know her expectations with the house and clean up. It was AWESOME!!!

Day 3: I arrived to feed Smokey and Sandra was here with the cabinet guy, Hank - who was doing final measurements for cabinets and Bruce was here installing outlets all over the place. Tony's flooring guys were already there too prepping the floors and removing the strips that needed to be so they could integrate the new ones on Monday. Craig, with Texas Pest (recommended to me by my awesome real estate agent - Brigitte Perkins and Megan Perkins came over late this afternoon and GREAT news, the little critters living in our walls aren't in fact mice but rather lizards!! So we cocked up some holes he found between the stucco and foundation inside the walls and did a little dance we don't have a rodent problem!!!

My neighborhood community parking lot looks like my personal parking lot for a half dozen amazing workers at any one time over the last 3 days. But I am not complaining with the progress being made and lack of big (and expensive) surprises.


The Perkins Family said...

i was expecting to see our demo pics from Halloween!?! :)

Glad you are tracking the process...although I would expect nothing less! ;)

Can't wait to see the current status when ya'll get back!

The Brown Family said...

i know!!!! Your right.... I skipped those and I had them on the list!!! I was in a super hurry posting just before walking out the door to Dallas. I will get them tonight... I can't belive I forgot!!!!!

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