Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Couple Of Days Before The Marathon

After a busy week, Friday afternoon was here and Blake and I headed to the Alamodome to what they called the EXPO. Since was our very first big race and EXPO, we didn't quite know what to expect and as we walked into the Alamodome, I had a giddiness overwhelm me. It was time to pick up my packet...
I found Blake at the Miller table with the Miller girls making sure to get this bracelet for the after run beer.
I woke up Saturday morning the sickest I had been in about 2.5 years. I had a severe chest cold and sinus infection. My throat was hurting but more debilitating, was the severe deep cough I had and tightness in my chest when breathing. Honestly, I was a mess emotionally and so confused. I am sad to say, I was doubting God, why of all days to put this on me? Someone who hardly ever gets sick, less than 24 hours before the biggest physical feat, could hardly take a big breath sitting down without hacking a lung up. I got in my car and bawled all the way to see one of my doctors I had known for many years. He started me on a very aggressive regime of medicines and really kept in mind any side effects I may have come race start time. After a four hour doctor mandated medicine induced nap, I woke up, packed up and we headed to a high carb dinner, before checking into our downtown hotel just 2 blocks from the start line. 
We quickly set up all our race gear and I was amused at how much stuff was going on our body the next morning. I checked and rechecked everything about a dozen time and made sure we had double alarm clocks set.
Blake made me laugh trying to put his time tracker on his shoe.
This was the medicine section of the counter... lined up ready to be used when I woke up.
After checking everything one more time, it was time to drink even more water and Gatorade and get a good night's sleep.

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