Sunday, November 20, 2011

Morning Of....

At 5:38AM, Sunday, November 13, 2011, while chugging two bottles of water and waiting for coffee to brew, I journaled this...

"This is it! I am SO EXCITED! No nerves yet, in fact, I feel terrific.

The amount of medication that I've ingested all day yesterday and last night combined with a tremendous of amount of rest has paid off!!! My nose is clear... thank you God! All day yesterday, I had asked Him why He did that. After 2.5 years of not being sick... Why now???! I think it was a blessing in disguise. He allowed me to rest like I would have never allowed myself to rest with birthday parties and so much family surrounding us all weekend. I slept all afternoon and had no responsibilities with the kids. The sickness took my mind off the race and I never got anxious, as I was more focused on doing anything and everything to feel better. So now, God, I perhaps understand your motives. Thank you for a good nights rest and my health today.

As I wait for coffee, I wanted to reflect on this day. I'm ready! I'm excited! I'm beyond trilled that Blake and his natural calmness and confidence has been by my side last night and this morning and will be the entire run. I trained for this race as if I was going to run it alone, not wanting to count on anyone else to motivate me to do this. I understood early on, how much of a personal decision this was for someone to want to run a full marathon and I never wanted Blake to feel like I was pressuring him to do so. There was a time when he voiced that a half marathon was really what he wanted and then he went through some Achilles issues and pretty much stopped running for a few weeks.  I subconsciously prepared myself to run on my own. I remember asking him about 6 weeks ago, after he was trying to run after being injured, why was he still doing such long runs when he was signed up for the HALF? He told me very matter of factly, "I want to train to be able to help you run to help you finish, as I know how hard you have worked for this." I about fell over when he said that. (Definitely, the most romantic thing Blake has ever said to me.)  Blake is what gives me the calmness.

This past week before the marathon, I reflected on a July 4th weekend around 1991, when I was about 11 years old. I asked my mom to sign me up for a long swim from the Lake LBJ Kingland bridge to the Llano bridge. From my vague memory, there were around 150 adults and a handful of kids. I don't remember much more about the participants after we jumped in, except many of the kids were picked up my the dozens of boats following us. I remember I was way behind the group of swimmers and with my less than stellar eye sight, I had a hard time seeing above the choppy water to where I was slowly moving towards. I remember that the adults in the boat following me kept telling me that I can get in the boat and how tired I was. I didn't even feel like I was making any progress but yet I preserved and refused to give up. I can honestly say I do remember that feeling.

That is the feeling and emotion, I am hoping to channel if today's run gets as rough as I have mentally prepared for. No matter what, I am going to remind myself that it's mind over matter around 11AM. Remember that day 22 years ago, I know will help me.

So here we go, coffee is ready to go and SO AM I! See you at the finish!"

6:50AM just before checking our race bag.

7:30AM - In our coral waiting.

7:54 AM, just about to cross the START LINE!

The Start Line finally in view and we are off!!!

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