Saturday, May 19, 2012

Addie's Top 10 @ 4 Years Old: (#'s 4-6)

**This list is continued and is a SNAP SHOT in time of Addie as she turns FOUR years old tomorrow!

6. Smokey and all dogs in general! This has been a consistent list maker since day one with addie. This girl has a definite thing for animals and these four legged animals. No matter where we are, she always asks to pet any dog she can. I see a possible veterinarian in her future or maybe just a house FILLED with every rescue animal she can find! 
... these days, it can be even the stuffed, pretend Smokey that she is obsessed with. Here, she is allowing him to put his head outside the window, while we go to school one morning.
5.Drawing Pictures (by hand not coloring book pages) She is very insistent on this and it could be mainly because her new pre-school, over the last year, does not allow any coloring book pages and encourages them to be creative with all art. If she isn't playing with her brother, this is where you can find Addie... (I can't seem to keep my printer stocked with plain white paper for too long, for some reason.)

4. Talking... talking... talking. Her favorite thing is to introduce her brother. No matter where we are, it usually goes like this... "Hi, my name is Addie. I'm 3 in a half. This is my brother CAAArter. He is five!!"

Another tradition that Blake started with Addie a year ago was making up stories at night and telling them to one another. Just today, I asked her to quickly think up a story and tell me, giving her no time to prepare...

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