Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Addie's Adopt A Pet 'Paw-ty' - Wrap Up

It was a great afternoon and the very first time that I had ever held a birthday party on one of their actual birthdays.
Besides their newly adopted friends covered in bandaids and hair clips, arts and crafts and sugar filled tummies, each little person left with a package of Scooby snacks to munch on and a bottle of Scooby bubble bath to clean up with!
As most guests were leaving, Blake brought out a special guest to say hi and show off a few tricks that we learned 10 years ago and now practices once or twice a year!
Then it was the super fun part of cleaning up!
All in all, one of my most favorite days, putting so much work into something that my daughter feels so passionate towards, is very intrinsically rewarding.

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