Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Addie's 4 Year Old Official Stats!

The four year old well-child check up = the worst of eight well-baby check up's prior to this one.

It is FOUR of the nastiest shots ever. But it's over and Addie rocked it and was hysterical during her "interview" with the nurse and Dr. Jacobson. Bill Cosby should have been there taping, "Kids Say The Darnedest Things." I hadn't told her anything about the shots, but as soon as I passed her a cup full of Advil as we drove to the office, it was on her radar and she was sure to ask anyone and everyone if she was getting shots the entire visit. She screamed incredibly loud and was in definite pain for a full five minutes but by the time we hit the check out desk and she saw the selection of stickers, she seemed to forget the pain.

At Four Years Old, Addie is:
36 pounds (up 4 pounds from a year ago) and in the 59%
39.5 inches (up 2.5 inches from a year ago) and in the 46%
Developmentally, off the charts in all areas, due mainly to her 17 month older brother she is connected at the hip to.
Hearing test was perfect.
Vision was 20/20
The following day, she got to continue her turning four celebration with a trip to her and her brother's FAVORITE place in the world (for real), the dentist. Her teeth were great and she said they can tell we have been doing a great job brushing! (I lowered my head and said, "most days, at least!" Tonight, after just eleven hours from leaving, Addie asked, "Mom, when can I go back to the dentist?!?!"

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