Thursday, May 24, 2012

Addie's 4 Year Old "Adopt A Pet Paw-ty!" - The Prep

The back.
Thank goodness I found this idea nine months in advance and we had plenty of time to find thirty dogs to adopt out through out the year.
Knowing the theme SO FAR out in advance, I was able to work on the party here and there for an hour or so months in advance, so come her actual birthday party day, there wasn't a lot to do, except to pull it all out... or so I thought!
The weekend before, I recruited everyone and we all learned how to make balloon animals. I have to say it was quite fun and a talent, I know that will be beneficial in the future!
Besides an extreme amount of setup, the only thing I had to do on Addie's actual birthday and party day was make these "Lolli Pop Love Pups," that I fell in love with a month earlier. My M.I.L., Diane, was my absolute saving grace at 3PM that day, rolling out the labor intensive carmel and tootsie pop custom ears. Thank you Diane! 
After waking up for a good nap, Addie came to over see myself and Meme slaving away on her puppy cake pops. She approved and LOVED the ears.
At 4PM, we started setting up next door at the park and playground for the 6PM party and didn't look at my clock again until 8:10PM, when we were bringing it all in.

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