Thursday, May 31, 2012

What Does FOUR Years Old Look Like?

This year's birthday interview was conducted by Mommy on 5.28.2012 at 8:20AM in the playroom with her brother in attendance and while she was wearing a hot pink polka dot pajama dress. Addie seemed pretty interested in the interview for the nine minutes that we were on record.
What were your favorite gifts you received this year for your birthday? "Pretzel and Pickle, my new dogs dressed in pink." (These were her VERY first Build A Bear stuffed dogs sent to her from Papa Lance and Karen.) "Also mom, my new pink dress Harrison gave me!"
What was the last thing you were sad about? "When Ella took my doggy bag away from me."
Addie, what makes you really happy? "When I go places with the family!" Carter also had an answer for this one.. "When she saw her doggy birthday party."
Addie, are you scared of anything? "NO!" What do you think Heaven is like? "It looks like you can fly or walk or play any game you want or just go see God. MAVERICK.... ahhhhh... I miss Maverick. I want to go there right now! But I am not sick..."
If you could have any animal in the world as a pet, what would it be? "A giraffe because I could ride on it and we could put it outside in our backyard with Smokey."
What do you want to be when you grow up? "A doctor that can take care of any animal that is hurt and I will fix them."
Do you like your name? (She silently nods yes) but when I asked her if there was any other name she would like, she says: "Pinkalicious!"
At what age is someone officially a grown-up? "Fifteen. You can go to work and you don't have to go to bed if you don't want to and you can drive yourself to any place you want, like the place with the airplanes."

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