Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Addie's Top 10 @ FOUR Years Old (#'s 7-10)

10. Her best friends: Believe it or not, after a full 12 months of not seeing these three on a daily basis and making dozens of new friends at her new school. If you ask Addie who her best friends are, the friends she loves the most, without hesitation, she answers: "Ella, Jack Nicki and Ella Madrid." (This isn't something I ask often anymore and was shocked when I continue to get this same confident response! There must be something to infant and toddler brainwashing.) She is lucky if she gets to see Ella M. and Jack every six weeks and Ella Perkins probably every couple of weeks on average now. But when they are all together, they pick up right where they left off.

9. "Striking a pose" is ALL Addie these days! I seriously don't know where she gets this. I know if you know me, you are probably laughing out loud right now... but seriously, when has she ever seen me do something like this?!?!?!

8. Rollie Pollies: Addie could be running across the yard to get a toy and if her eye catches a tiny rollie pollie crossing her path... that's it, we have officially lost her to collecting as many rollie pollies as her little hands can carry. She LOVES them and even tries to name them. We went as far as to attempt to convert Carter's ant farm to a rollie pollie farm... but it didn't end too good for the rollie pollies!

7. Eating: This girl eats anything and everything! Well, except tomatoes!! Some of her favorites include watermelon, corn & her new rice milk, but she cleans her plate morning, noon and night. She loves to inform us she "tore it up!" meaning she cleaned her plate!

A cute memory of her around dinner at this age: When she sets the table, she wants ALL four of us sitting next to each other. So this is usually the set up, 2 chairs are brought over from the end to sit all in a line!

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