Monday, May 21, 2012

Addie's Top 10 List @ 4 Years Old (#'s 1-3)

This has been a long tradition in our home dating back to Carter's 2nd birthday. I look forward to the time each year it takes to decide on the important items that make this list because it makes me reflect on who Addie is right this moment.....

3. Her Mommy & Her Night Time Routine: It's taken quite a while until I could make the top list with either of my kids with their super-amazing-hands-on-natural-of-a-dad, that Blake has always been. But we can officially say that Addie is my girl and I love how she yells "MOMMA" at the top of her lungs and sprints to me whenever I walk in the room. More than anything, I love how dedicated she has been over the last year to our night time routine. After dad reads tons of books and gets her tucked in, she always wants me to come in one last time and lay with her. In the last six months, we have made up a "special Addie Mommy kiss" that we do every single night and as I walk to the door to leave, we both say, "Night night, sleep tight, see you in the morning light." The funny thing is how dedicated she is to the fact that I come in, there are nights, where I KNOW she is EXHAUSTED, and I am super busy and forget and she will continue to quietly open her door and say, "Mommy... are you going to come in? I promise it won't take long." She melts my heart!

2. Dancing AND Singing: This little girl is a natural born performer. She LOVES it and she gets SO into it. This is a talent I am so impressed by. For several months, she has belted out songs that she makes up on the spot and they actually sound pretty good.
One of her favorite Christmas presents from YaYa and Grandpa was her very own CD/clock radio. She loves to play her favorite Kid BOB song and just dance and sing away.
She has even gotten Carter to dance... which is hard to do!
#1 (JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!) Playing ANYTHING with her brother. Nothing tops Addie's list except her big brother.

When we get home in the late afternoons and it's WAY too hot to be outside, you will find these 2 playing together throughout the house. They play hours of "doggies," where they pretend to take them to school, have parties for them, take them for rides in the car and for walks.
Also, paper airplanes are another favorite activity and they LOVE when magazines come to gather the postcards and turn them into planes.

So at four years old, what does Addie not like????! Tomatoes and bubbles in her baths!!! She's not very into Marcie, her baby doll anymore, and as far as we have come, she still throws an occasional tantrum if tired or not feeling well... like this one a few weeks ago...

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